Custom Mothers Bracelet with Hygroma Awareness

Back in February (wow! am I behind in sharing this!!), Elizabeth contacted me to design a custom mothers bracelet incorporating the hygroma awareness color.

Burgundy is the support color of hygroma awareness.
Elizabeth's Custom Mothers Hygroma Awareness Bracelet (B188-HYG)
Elizabeth's Custom Mothers Hygroma Awareness Bracelet (B188-HYG)

Elizabeth wanted to give this custom awareness-mothers bracelet as a gift to her friend who had lost her baby boy to hygroma. She requested the design also incorporate the baby's name.

Working with the design elements of our original Swarovski Crystal Pearl Mommy Bracelet, I incorporated burgundy Swarovski Crystals and personalized the name to GRANT in memory of her friends' son. A final custom touch included a sterling silver cross charm.

What really made Elizabeth's Custom Mothers Hygroma Awareness Bracelet (B188-HYG) a touching and beautiful gift were the sterling silver eternity knot rings that encircle the pearls. Grant's mother will love him for eternity and he will always be with her and in her heart.

This special and unique beaded bracelet design not only raises hygroma awareness, it also celebrates motherhood and the loss of a child. It was my honor to have designed this very special treasured keepsake bracelet for Elizabeth and her friend. I hope in some small way this beautiful keepsake bracelet will help heal her heart and give her comfort.


Cap Creations said...

It is wonderful! Isn't it amazing how a piece of jewelry can be such a treasured keepsake? Great job.

Azure Accessories said...

Beautiful Stephanie...I know it will be treasured forever!

Bronson Hill Arts said...

Your designs just amaze me, girl! This is stunning, Stephanie.