Godmother Godchild Crystal Bracelets (B200)

Celebrate Your Special Bond: Godmother-Godchild Matching Beaded Crystal Bracelets
Celebrate Your Special Bond
There is a special bond that exists between a Godmother and Godchild. It is not something that anyone else can understand -unless you are a Godmother. But, I know it because I am a Godmother.

When you are asked to be a Godmother, it fills your heart and you hope to become that person that your Godchild will look up to for guidance, love and support.

These Godmother-Godchild matching bracelets were inspired by that special bond and are a beautiful gift idea that celebrates that bond.

I have received numerous requests for Crystal Allure original Godmother-Godchild bracelets and they have finally arrived! It's been a long time coming but I couldn't be more proud of the designs.

Due to the limited availability of the crystal channel components used in these designs, the bracelets colors cannot be customized. It is possible to adjust the sizing or if you wish to personalize with names, feel free to contact me for availability and details.

Purple Amethyst Crystal Godmother Bracelet (B200-GM)
Purple Amethyst Crystal Godmother Bracelet (B200-GM)
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A cherished keepsake bracelet designed for that special godmother and godchild! Our exquisite design features a combination of either rich purple amethyst Swarovski Crystals (Godmother) or delicate light purple lilac Swarovski Crystal (Godchild) paired with aurora borealis (AB) crystals accented by sterling silver Swarovski Crystal channels, beads, Bali and letter beads that spell out either Godmother or Godchild. Finished with an complementary crystal dangle charm and our signature jewelry tag. Bracelet measures 7-1/2".
Light Purple Lilac Crystal Godchild Bracelet (B200-GC)
Light Purple Lilac Crystal Godchild Bracelet (B200-GC)
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It may be possible to mix other crystal colors (in place of the amethyst or light amethyst crystals) with the purple crystal channel beads. If you are interested in a custom crystal color, contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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