I WANT ONE! Kelly Moore Bag

This was not the planned blog post for today, but once I read about a contest to win one, I simply couldn't resist sharing.

What girl does not have a personal (ok, border-line, downright, freaky) attachment to her purse/bag?! Come on now, admit it...you know you do! Today, I was introduced to Kelly Moore Bags through the SITS blog and fell in love with the purple classic bag design (it's SO mine!). Kelly Moore bags are perfect for carrying your camera and accessories -but with a Kelly Moore bag, you do it in style!

I've had my Canon Rebel camera, oh, 3 years? And have yet to get a bag to carry it in, mainly because all the bags available looked so...well...blah. What I also think is so fab about a Kelly Moore classic bag, are the two front pockets which I'm sure will fit my new IPhone (when I get it...yes, the official count down to "I can finally upgrade my phone to an IPhone" has begun...only 39 more days).

on a side note: all this hype for getting an IPhone leaves little room for disappointment, right?!

So, I will now add a Kelly Moore purple classic bag to my wishlist (Christmas in July, did you say?!). But first, I think I'll try to win it by entering the contest over at the SITS Girls Blog. Head on over for your chance to win one FREE! If you win, come back and let me know what bag you chose. Good luck!


Azure Accessories said...

Wow...isn't that an amazing bad and purple to boot!!!

I do have a thing for purses in general...

You will absolutely love your IPhone...my son is on his second upgrade and I always wondered what the hype was all about until I got mine...let me tell you it is amazing and I don't do much but text, call and use the calendar...but there is soooo much you can do if you want to!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with your IPhone Heather! I soo can't wait to get mine!