Got Spiders? Don't Call Me!

Not even a Swarovski Crystal Spider is beautiful!
Don't ask me where it comes from but, I.hate.spiders. Hmm.....'hate' is a strong word. No, who am I kidding. HATE is the word for how I feel about spiders. Not even the spider, Charlotte, from the novel Charlotte's Web could change my mind. Although Charlotte is a little easier on the eyes and the creepy factor -she still makes my skin crawl. Sorry Charlotte.

What's all this talk about spiders? Well, my little one has become quite the prankster. Let me step back a moment. One day, I happen to catch a spider creeping along the kitchen ceiling. With the husband at work, I knew I'd have to do the job. Ugh. As I ponder how I am going to do this, I muster up enough courage to occasionally peek at it (with one eye), as it crawled along the ceiling, waiting for it to stop. It finally stops above the fridge. Great. Not exactly the best of angles to try to kill it.

The cat decides he's going to jump on the top of the fridge to play (since now I am up on a stool whispering words of encouragement to myself that I can do this). I think to myself, 'great, the cat will see it and get it for me'. He jumps up...looks up...looks at me...I point to the ceiling since this tarantula is on the move...he looks up, again...looks back at me. I wait. He'll get it. Time is of the essence here,'s on the move, stop looking at me. No. The cat decides he's more interested in my attention than he is in getting the spider. Figures, the one time I need him to eat that creepy thing and he wants attention. Great.

In the meantime, the little one comes down stairs and asks why I'm talking to myself (don't laugh at me, you know you do it too -at least I admit it) and why I'm on the stool. Her chatting to me is making me lose my focus. I ask her to stop talking for just a moment. She asks again, what am I doing. I tell her there is a spider on the ceiling that I need to get. "Unless you plan on helping me (at this time I turn my head towards her, only to find she has disappeared!). Yes, she ran away the minute she heard spider. Thanks for the help.

Now, this sets the story for today. I'm in my office, the little one is getting water for her doll. She knocks on my door. "There is something in my play room". Ok. I get up, go to her room and there is this big black tarantula on the floor (to you, it may not have seemed that big -but to me, it fact, I think I saw it move!) I think, no way. It can't be. I going to touch it to find out? Heck no! So I need to find a way to know if it's real. Think.

I ask her if it's one of her play spiders and did she put it there, she responds in an inaudible tone. Did she say 'no'? I look at her and she didn't appear to have been the culprit, seemed surprised, so, here I am again...needing to do the spider job. Ugh. She stands watching me as I take a pen and poke at it to determine if it's real or not (as I'm thinking, please do.not.move.). I tell her if it does move -scream! Help is sure to come. lol. Turns's fake. That little stinker! She set me up. She can really get her game face on when she needs to.
Maybe it won't be so funny if that (fake) spider is getting your Hello Kitty! Of course, I didn't say that to her... I snapped this pic without her knowing -or she would probably never touch her Hello Kitty again!

In case you're wondering about the spider on the ceiling. I did get it. After much screaming and dancing around the kitchen, I had to do the job a second time as the first didn't quite work.

What's that? Poor little spider? No. I don't go crawling around spiders' homes. Therefore, I certainly don't expect them to be creeping around my house. :-)

(update) And in case you're wondering. Yes. It completely creeped me out to write this blog post. I could barely search images for the first spider pic. For a brief moment, I contemplated asking the husband if he'd look for spiders -he can take it, he's a man. But, I got my tom-boy on and did the deed. Of course, I did not escape the spider nightmares. Nice.

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