Always Late, But Never Forgotten!

Vera Bradley Coin and Key Case in Tea Garden
A woman cannot define her daily life without, in some way, including or referencing her friendships. Our girlfriends' are the next best thing to well, our significant other (but, don't tell the men that!). Although, in fairness, the good men know this.

I always have and still do, make more friends with men than women. However, this post doesn't have anything to do with my male friends. Sorry guys! I have been blessed with some truly great (female) friends that I cherish for the individual and collective roles they play in my life.

Some of these ladies I have been friends with longer than I have been married. Hmmm...they just might know a little too much. They have guided me and seen me through boyfriend woes, college stress, career building, the loss of my brother, infertility, wedding planning, marriage, in-laws, crazy family drama, ladies' nights out (there's always a "mother-hen" amongst us gals...thanks Barb!), ridiculous trends, style changes and so much more. They have been brutally honest at times (ouch!), super supportive (always), catty (you really shouldn't be surprised) and have always accepted me for what I am (a little bit of everything -I like to keep 'em on their toes!).

Each one of these fantastic ladies have enriched my life and I hope I have done the same in return. Of course, not having grown up with sisters, I can also say at times, it's a good thing! Just like the best of them, we can, as they say, 'get in our moods'. We're women. It's what we do. Do not question it. Just go with it. And oh, by the way, should you be around us when 'we are in that mood' -step fact....turn and run!
This is WAY to funny not to share!
I have educated my husband, that when I happen to 'get in one of those moods', his response should always be, 'yes, dear'. I did mention always, didn't I? It's safer that way (for him). lol. I've also explained to him, that if he tells me something and asks me 'not to tell anyone', I totally hear him. Really, I do. BUT. You do understand that I will tell my girlfriends, right?! It's not that I mean's just....well, I have to! He doesn't get it but he doesn't fight it either.

And for my male readers, in case you're wondering at this, we really don't tell our girl friends everything. :-) There are just some things that have more meaning when left in our heart and in our memories.

The official girl friend to girl friend code of conduct goes like this: "secrets" can be shared from anyone else to your girl friend. BUT, a secret one girl friend shared with you cannot be shared with another girl friend (sub-rule): especially if (1) you're all from the same girl friend circle and/or (2) it's about the other girl friend. Yes, we are complicated creatures. Do not try to figure us out. Just when you think you have -you're wrong.

Recently, I mailed one of my friends, "T", a package of birthday gifts that well, I should have mailed, ohhhh, before April 6th (her actual birthday!). It's two months later, you say? Yup...that's how I roll. And this friend accepts me for that.

A Time For Tea Venetian Pink Pearl Beaded Watch (W08)
A Time For Tea Venetian Pink Pearl Beaded Watch (W08)
One of a Kind

This friend and I share a love of getting together for tea. Neither time nor distance has faded our friendship. And each year, we try to at least either get together for tea (she lives about an hour and a half away) or we ship each other a package of all tea related gift items.

She was also the inspiration behind this handmade beaded watch.

"T" is an old-soul with a big heart. Thanks for being a friend "T" and hope you had a fantastic go and enjoy your belated gifts!

The card says it all:
"Friendship is another word for love." -Sylvia Tomas

Inside it reads:
True Friendships are forever.

And "T", if you happen to catch this blog post. I realize this is an old topic, but on the heels of our recent texts. You might think of making the suggestion to your mom to remove those shelves above the heaven-sent feather guest bed. Maybe then your guest won't wake up from small bombs being dropped pushed off those shelves by little furry paws!

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