Happy Transplant Bracelet Customer

Cheryl had purchased our unique, one of a kind Jasper Organ Transplant Awareness Bracelet (B165) and here's what she had to say:
Dear Stephanie,
I love my bracelet. The fit is perfect and the color is my birthstone so it was a fantastic birthday present from my husband! It means so much to me. August 31, 2011 my stepson had a double lung transplant, he too has Cystic Fibrosis! He was 40 when he had it done and he has been very lucky. He weighed 104 lbs and had to be put on a feeding tube to gain the weight in order to be considered for a transplant. He now weighs 157 lbs. It is truly a miracle and no oxygen. He has a life now! He was just baptized Easter Sunday and what a special moment in all our lives!

Thank you again, I have gotten a lot of compliments and it is so special for me. You have done such a wonderful thing for others!
Jasper Organ Transplant Awareness Bracelet (B165)
Jasper Organ Transplant Awareness Bracelet (B165)

Cheryl then took the time to sit down and write a lovely note:
He (stepson) is doing well and it is a miracle. I have never had such a beautiful bracelet. I admire your courage to take sad moments in your life [find the beauty in them] and encourage others who have gone or who are going through [to do] the same thing. Thank you,
Thank you Cheryl!! I truly appreciate you taking the time to pen a note and for your thoughtful comments. In light of my recent blog postings -my customers comments and thoughts are also a source of inspiration as I continue to design the beautiful beaded bracelets that adorn women's wrists' around the world!

Design details:
This one of a kind handmade gemstone awareness bracelet features a jasper gemstone centered on a strand of white Swarovski Pearls and green emerald Crystals, accented by sterling silver, Bali and finished with a sterling silver awareness ribbon charm and our signature jewelry tag.

What is so unique about this jasper gemstone is its' coloring with ribbons of green, beige and a hint of purple, it is the perfect stone representing both cystic fibrosis and transplant. Measures 7-1/2".

Due to the natural gemstone used, this is a one-of-a-kind beaded awareness bracelet and cannot be replicated.

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