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Ballerina box holding one school year of paperwork
With school having ended, I spent some time filtering through the little one's paperwork (what to keep, what to save). It is A-mazing what waste one child could generate.

She has a ballerina box that we have her put all her school work into each day she comes home from school. The box dimensions are 16-1/2" (long) x 14" (wide) x 10" (deep). This box was full from just one school year and to be honest, I had already filtered out some of her papers as she brought them home!

We try to have her be more aware of how much paper she uses (trees provide clean air and the more paper we use, the more trees that have to be cut down, etc., etc.). But, sometimes you just can't curb creativity, I guess. :-)

While I was doing this paper cleansing, the little one decided she was going to work with me in her playroom and began compiling handwritten notes -that later I learned she taped all over the house.

One of the notes, she taped on the basement door. Our cats' hard food bowls are on the landing of the basement stairs. One of her daily responsibilities is to make sure the food bowls are full.

On this particular day, it was a hectic day and she forgot to check the bowls when we got home. My husband also happened to get home late on this day and she was already in bed for the night.

Knowing what the note said, I tell him there's a note for him on the basement door. He reads the note, "the cast needs privasye" (in kids' speak it really says, "the cats need privacy").

My husband assesses things and writes her a note back.

It reads, "The cats need food!" and tapes it to the door. The next morning she reads it and giving us the most cute girl smirk she could work, she smiles coyly, apologizes and proceeds to fill the bowls. :-)

I'm not sure what her goal was with the note, but I don't think she believed we'd write her a note back or that she'd get a response. Either way, it was way to funny!

Now, onto jewelry related news (the main purpose of the blog). I've been working with some fantastic ladies and will have a few custom beaded jewelry designs to share with you soon.

One custom request is for a couple of pulmonary fibrosis awareness bracelets and the other is for an aplastic anemia awareness bracelet.

Stay tuned....

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