Little Reasons We Celebrate Father's Day

Here's wishing every great dad out there today a Happy Father's Day!! Hope you enjoy your day and your gifts!

Let me share with you my little reason for celebrating father's day. Yesterday, the little one and I are enroute to the salon and I remind her of something we have to do. Here's our conversation:

Me: After the salon we have to go shopping for a father's day gift.

Little One: What are we going to get?

Me: I'll know it when I see it. (this is code for I haven't a darn clue)

Little One: Can't we just get him a tie?

I like her thinking.

Me: No. He doesn't have to wear suits and ties to work.

Little One: Oh. Only on fancy days?

Me: uhh, yes?! (that closes this topic)

We get finished at the salon, head over to the store. We're in the store in the beauty section (I know...we're getting to the men's stuff...really we are) and the little one asks me, "Where is the husband isle?"

The "husband isle"? I can hardly contain myself. But, I'm thinking to myself...if only it were that easy, I'm sure alot of women would be very happy. :-)

I realize the tie picture isn't all that fantastic, per se. But, after seeking the comments from several friends about what male celebrity to post (who happens to be wearing a suit and tie that fit the theme of the blog post), I got back suggestions ranging from Eric Dane, Mario Lopez, George Clooney to Mark Wahlberg and more.

Now, I'll come clean here. I had absolutely no problem doing the actual research for this blog post. Sometimes, you just have to take one for the team, right?! But, in trying to keep it real for my male readers, I doubted they would prefer any of the pictures I would have selected. So, I opted on the side of 'safe' with a picture of a tie.  :-)

Thanks for the help, ladies. I think.

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