Custom Crystal Awareness Bracelet For The Mommy Who Gives Love With A Bear Hug!

Robyn's Custom Swarovski Crystal Awareness Bracelet (B188-CI)
Robyn's Custom Swarovski Crystal Awareness Bracelet (B188-CI)
Robyn's son, Cale, has cochlear implants and she was looking for a custom cochlear implant awareness bracelet. Although there was not a specific color associated with cochlear implants, silver and gold are the awareness colors for hearing loss/impairment.

Robyn loved our beautiful and very popular Swarovski Crystal Pearl Mommy Bracelet. Using that as the starting point, her inspired custom handmade beaded bracelet design was personalized with the details that are closest to her heart.

Robyn chose to go with the Swarovski Crystal color indicolite because the color is represented in the foundation, Operation "Hug-A-Bear", she and her family formed in 2011. Its' mission is to bring smiles to children who are in the hospital, or going through treatments. Having seen her own son go thru the surgeries for his cochlear implants geared her to help others who are in pain, or saddened with treatments. The foundation raised enough money to purchase 123 Ronald McDonald bears through her side job, Scentsy. These bears will be given out to two of the large hospitals her son has had treatments at.

Robyn's Custom Swarovski Crystal Awareness Name Bracelet (B188-CI) features Cale's name in sterling silver letter blocks, illuminating indicolite Swarovski Crystals, Swarovski Pearls, sterling beads, Bali and our newly introduced exclusive handstamped sterling silver HOPE charm with awareness ribbon stamped on the same charm. Finished with our sterling signature jewelry tag.

What Robyn had to say about her custom bracelet:
I just saw the bracelet! I love it!!!!!!! Thank you again so much for creating such a beautiful bracelet to tell my story!
Robyn M.

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