Swarovski Crystal Fireworks

Celebrating the 4th of July comes with flags; colorful fireworks; anything and everything that can be red, white and blue; spending time with family; sparklers; the list goes on.

So, in my show of support, I'm dedicating this blog post to the red, white and blue sparkling fireworks that only Swarovski Crystals can give.

Two of my favs: RED roses and Swarovski Crystal stems

Gotta have it: WHITE Swarovski Crystal encrusted bra.
Oh, the stories I could tell you about when I worked at Victoria's Secret! 

Love and Passion at its' finest: Titanic's symbolic Swarovski Crystal
BLUE Heart of the Ocean Necklace.

You can check out more of my sparkling obsessions at Behind the Designs on Pinterest. And don't miss my Sparkling Thoughts board. My fav quote: I get distracted by shiny things!

I'll be taking some time myself to enjoy a little downtime on the 4th. Even though we all know there are no vacation days for mommies. :-)

Please have a safe, FUN and sparkling 4th of July 2012!

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