What To Do. What To Do.

Our dog Lucy, enjoying a warm sunny day. What does she
have to do with this blog post? Nothing. But, it's the only
picture I could find to share. ;-)
Not having a working computer, these days, is like not having a working right arm (and maybe left too!). How does one get along without it?!

I shouldn't really talk. In the late 90s, I did own a pager because of my brothers' health. But, after he passed I got rid of the pager and didn't have any method of E- contact until, oh, 2009-ish? Amazing. I know this -now.

Today, I'm so enamoured with technology that I've surpassed my techy husband in knowledge and gadgets.

Our daily lives have become so entangled with computers that when they break, we're kinda lost. Or at least, I am lost. lol. Is it possible to have a love affair with a computer?

But, I will not be defeated. I've got the laptop covered (temporarily). My data and important files...that remains to be seen. (crossing fingers, crossing fingers...)

With a week of summer vacation over, I'm ready for another vacation. :-)

I had activities planned all last week. In fact, I even planned a two day garage sale. I used to pull together an annual charity yard sale many, many years ago. It was tedious work, to say the least! For the first few years, we received so many donations that we would have to hold weekend long sales for an entire month! But, it was worth it.

Today, I could do without having one. Yet, I had accumulated some items and well, my husband, wanted his basement space back. I'm okay with that since I don't like clutter. I'm forever organizing and clearing out. My motto growing up: everything has a place and for every place there is a thing. Too bad my studio doesn't adhere to this motto.

I invited my second oldest niece to help out and offered her a percentage of the sales for her efforts. I also took this time with her to teach her some marketing tips. Both days went well. The first day, the weather was way to humid but the second day, it stormed in the morning. I love me a good rain storm. Refreshing.

Anyhow, the marketing tips payed off. The second day two women came in, loved the prices we were offering and pretty much cleared us out, just a 1/2 hour before closing. I mean this almost literally. I think I only packed up three copy paper boxes to donate. In my experience, that's a successful sale!

Now, to clarify. I am not a marketer by profession. But, all the years of running my own business has forced me to learn a thing or two about marketing. Hint to my young readers: consider taking a class or two in marketing. My prediction: with the internet becoming what it is, it only makes sense that in years to come, many small and large businesses will need tech savvy peeps to market their online presence. These businesses will expect to quantify those efforts in their bottom line profits. It will become a competitive job career, for sure.

Beyond the garage sale, there were daily kids activities that included the little one signing up for and getting her FIRST library card! Yea!

With vacation over, I think it's time to finally put in the ground that lavender plant I purchased four days ago...

As I sit here typing this blog post. My faithful little dog is right next to me, sleeping.....and snoring!

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Azure Accessories said...

I would be lost without my computer...my business, my everything is on my computer. I've had three major crashes over the years and lost almost everything when the second one happened...that was terribly traumatic for me! I truly hope you don't loose your files!

I'm not a garage sale person...I've had two in my long life and don't expect to have another but then you never say never... :~)

Good luck...