Write in Style! NEW Beaded Pens

Write in Style with Crystal Allure Elegant Lampwork Bead Pens!
Can you remember the last time you sat down and hand-wrote a letter? I know I can't! But, I do write something everyday. What makes writing for me more interesting? (especially if I am forced to have to write out checks) I do it in style with my own beaded pen!

These have been a long time coming but they are finally here. These handmade beaded pens are beautiful writing instruments that make the task of writing just a little more elegant.

This collection currently has three new beaded pens available and for a limited time, at a great introductory price (pssst! Introductory price savings end October 1, 2012). Whether you have to write a thank you, a letter to your friend, or even to simply sign your name, do it in style!

Each beaded pen has a retractable pen tip with a slight twist of the pen base and arrives in a velveteen pouch. Total length: 6".

More pen styles will be offered in the future and each pen is one of a kind. Which makes them the perfect unique gift!

Combine one of these beaded pens with a beaded lanyard for the perfect secret Santa, coworker holiday gift. Or choose any one of the handmade beaded gifts for a combination that is sure to make the gift recipient feel special.
Purple Fall Flower Lampwork Bead Pen (BP104)
Purple Fall Flower Lampwork Bead Pen (BP104)
With a nod to autumn this stunning handmade beaded pen features a handcrafted artisan Lampwork glass bead that has a beautiful purple base with a rich topaz flower. Lampwork beads are accented with gold metal spacers in between Lampwork beads with silver bali style spacers on either end of the purple pen.
Brown Chameleon Lampwork Bead Pen (BP101)
Brown Chameleon Lampwork Bead Pen (BP101)
This distinctive handmade beaded pen features beautiful handcrafted artisan boro lampwork glass beads in a lovely chameleon style pattern of brown, turquoise, blue, orange and green colors. No matter how you look at this beaded pen, the color is fascinating! Lampwork beads are accented with 14kt gold fill round beads and antiqued gold ring spacers.
Black Stripe Tube Lampwork Bead Pen (BP100)
Black Stripe Tube Lampwork Bead Pen (BP100)
This classic handmade beaded pen features a handcrafted artisan furnace cane lampwork glass tube bead with a black and white stripe pattern. Lampwork glass tube is accented with silver basket weave style beads and bali style beads.


Azure Accessories said...

Wow...your pens are gorgeous! I'd have to keep it with me all the time so my husband couldn't get a hold of it!


Stephanie said...

Thank you Heather! I've been pretty good about keeping (for myself!) some of the newest things that I've created. And I now have a gorgeous pen to write with! :-)