Crystal Pearl Aunt (B186) Auntie (B187) Bracelets

Mother's Day is just around the corner. But, while the world will be focused on celebrating mothers, I would like to take this opportunity to shine the light and attention to the great Aunts of the world!

I'm an Aunt, that should be no surprise, I've mentioned it numerous times before. Since becoming one, I've discovered, Aunts don't ask for credit or recognition for their contributions to child-rearing and well, really, don't get it either.
Crystal Pearl Aunt Beaded Bracelet (B186)
Crystal Pearl Aunt Beaded Bracelet (B186)
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This may not be the sentiment of all Aunts, but, we don't necessarily need it either. We are content in knowing we have made an impression on our nieces and nephews and we hope, just like mothers, that they will take our investment in them, recall it and use it in their future. Our hearts break and we feel pain and sorrow when we see them flounder, fail or struggle. We want to make it right for them.

We are there, front and center, to applaud their every accomplishment. We are there for every event in their life we are invited to. We give more of ourselves to them than we do to ourselves. We don't want to, nor, need to, be their mother. We are proud to be their Aunt.

And for all of you fantastic women out there who have struggled through fertility issues and are child-less for whatever reason -being an Aunt is your most important role in life. Or at least that is how I see it.

These two bracelets were created in celebration of all the special Aunts out there!

The beautiful Aunt Bracelet (B186), shown above, is designed with a full strand of Swarovski Crystal, white Swarovski Pearls accented by sterling silver beads, Bali and letter beads that spell AUNT. Finished with a delicate crystal drop charm dangle and our signature jewelry tag. Measures 7-1/2".

Customize this Bracelet:
This particular bracelet can be customized to your liking. You can choose a different crystal color or choose to stay with the stunning fuchsia crystal as shown in the picture. Please note, any customizations could affect the price of the bracelet.

Sparkling Crystal Pearl Auntie Bracelet (B187)
Sparkling Crystal Pearl Auntie Bracelet (B187)

Shown above: A sparkling beaded bracelet to celebrate your special Auntie and let her know how much she means to you. Inspired by Wanda's Custom Crystal Auntie Bracelet (B182). An elegant design featuring clear Swarovski Crystals accented by silver squaredelle crystals. These squaredelle beads features two clear crystals on each side resting in a channel setting. This keepsake bracelet is finished with white Swarovski Pearls, sterling silver beads, Bali, pave' style stardust beads, letter beads that spell AUNTIE and our signature jewelry tag. Measures 8".


My Little Artist
I don't do this often, but I'd like to share with you some artistic creations from one of my neices. I can see she loves to be creative (yea!!). This first picture is of "The Tea Party" attended by her and myself (not quite sure why I have a weirdly cutesy pony tail...SO not my at least I'm wearing purple). :-)
And this next creation is her interpretation of "Artistic Hairstyles". She asked me yesterday for some hairstyle ideas. She had already drawn the faces on paper but wanted to add cupcake and volcano hairstyles -what?? I asked her if they are cartoon characters. I can tell from her look and answer, that, clearly, I'm confused or "just don't get it". So, I rely on my philosophy to 'just go with it'. :-)

I tell her if she's not sure what hairstyles she wants to draw, to look through some of her reading books for inspiration (one 'air' point for getting her to open her books. *wink*). And here was her end creation:
Very nice! The cupcake and volcano hairstyles....umm....interesting. But, I do see a pattern to her creativeness and her interpretations are quite impressive. I think I'm going to find a frame for her artwork and hang it in the house!

Remember to celebrate Aunts and Uncles on National Aunt's and Uncle's Day, July 26th.

Holly's Custom Hope Love Cherish Mothers Bracelet (B204)

Back in late 2011, I had the unique distinction of custom designing a very special awareness bracelet. Holly had contacted me because one of the most important people in her life was battling stage 4 lung cancer. This person, Susie, was not her biological mom but was like her mom, for 24 years.

In Holly's words, "She (Susie) has three sons but the bond a mother and daughter have is unbreakable. I have been searching and searching for a piece of jewelry that blew me off my feet and when I saw your awareness bracelets, I knew I had found the one."

Susie had just finished chemotherapy and Holly wanted to honor her with a beautiful custom beaded bracelet. She had fallen in love with my Original and Exclusive Live Life Give Life Awareness Bracelet (B113) and that became our starting point to design the most amazing meaningful custom beaded bracelet possible. Holly wanted to incorporate somehow the special meaning of family, her love for Susie and raise awareness of lung cancer.
Holly's Custom Hope Love Cherish Mothers Bracelet (B204)
Holly's Custom Hope Love Cherish Mothers Bracelet (B204)

While sitting in my living room one night, I noticed a decorative sign I had on the shelf that read 'cherish family' and it was then that I knew I had to somehow incorporate the word 'cherish'. The challenge was to take an existing design using four sets of four-letter words and convert that to two sets of four-letter words and one seven-letter word. After hours & days of manipulation, incorporating the sapphire Swarovski Crystal (which is Susie's birthstone) with Swarovski Pearls, the design came together...just like it was meant to be.

Let me share another "everything happens for a reason" story. Holly was having this bracelet designed as a surprise for Susie. One night, she happened to talk to Susie and asked Susie what she thought she should get as a gift for her mom. Susie suggested a bracelet with beads and words because she thought they were so beautiful and meaningful. Little did Susie know that is exactly what Holly was having designed for her. It was then she knew without doubt, this was the. perfect. gift!

When Holly and I spoke on the phone she told me she chose Crystal Allure Jewelry because, as she said, our jewelry is 'amazingly beautiful and she was deeply touched by the level of personalization we put into our custom designs.' It was my honor to have been chosen to create this custom design for two very special people and to have been touched by their beauty.

Holly's Custom Hope Love Cherish Mothers Bracelet (B204) was designed with sapphire Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver beads, Swarovski Pearls, Bali and sterling letter blocks. Finished with a sterling silver awareness ribbon charm and our signature jewelry tag.
Holly's Custom Hope Love Cherish Mothers Bracelet (B204)
Holly's Custom Hope Love Cherish Mothers Bracelet (B204)
Our beautiful 2-strand cuff style handmade beaded awareness bracelet represents lung cancer (Hope & Pearls); the sets of Swarovski Pearls in 3's represent Susie's three children: Brian, Joe and Danny (Love); Susie is like family to Holly and each hold a special place in their hearts for each other (Cherish).

Here is what  Holly had to say about the design:
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After a not-so-great day this bracelet brought such a big smile to my face and  heart.

Live to Give Organ Donation Bracelet (B207) for National Donate Life Month

It's been five months since the last blog post?! That's crazy! Although, the reality is, life has been a bit crazy the last year and it's been work to try to nail down a revised life and business schedule that accomplishes all. (super-woman still exists, right?) But, behind the scenes, the sparkling work of jewelry design continues!

The events of the past year have given way to much more thought about my late brother and how life would have been had he made it to lung transplant. They are fleeting thoughts, at best, since you cannot change what is -but none the less, I do allow myself to wonder sometimes.

Just the other day I read a news story about a New York woman who donated her kidney to help her boss move up the kidney transplant waiting list. Only to be devastated later by being let go from her job. The choice to become an organ donor is (1) not easy and (2) not to be taken lightly. But, the reward of knowing you've helped someone with a second chance at life, supersedes (in my opinion) all else.
Live to Give Organ Donation Awareness Bracelet (B207)
Live to Give Organ Donation Awareness Bracelet (B207)
Today I ask you to consider becoming an organ donor. Before deciding yes or no, I would ask that you become thoroughly educated on the subject and that includes knowing the statistics. The number of people who die each year while waiting to receive their second chance at life is staggering. You have the choice, while living, to make a difference for someone, after you are gone.

April is National Donate Life Month and to help raise awareness for the need of donated organs, I am happy to introduce, not only a new jewelry category of handmade beaded bracelets in support of Organ Donation Awareness, but also a new bracelet design.

Whether you are a living donor or wish to honor someone who has made the selfless decision to donate their organs, our Exclusive Live to Give Organ Donation Awareness Bracelet (B207) is a wonderful sentiment.

Designed with our signature green Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver beads, Bali and letter blocks that read, "Live to Give". Finished with a sterling silver awareness ribbon charm and our signature jewelry tag. You can customize this awareness bracelet a little more by selecting either a butterfly charm (symbolizing lung transplant) or a heart charm (for a heart transplant) at checkout.

This April please consider becoming a much needed organ donor. And thank you to all those who have elected to be an organ donor or who have donated organs to those waiting.