I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover -Swarovski Crystal Clover!

Where did February go?! Seems like I just finished up some new beaded Heart Jewelry (which I never even got posted on the blog!) and it's already March! That said, I've been doing my best to try and not analyze why I just bought another strand of heart beads a week ago. :-)

Just this morning I looked up in the sky and saw the seasonal "V" of flying birds coming back our way. That's a good sign! A sign spring is on its' way.

Which means I gotta get myself in gear! Seems I hit a creative bump the last few weeks. But, I've got so many new and exciting things planned for Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry in 2013. So, let's get started!
Crystal Green Lucky Charms Shamrock Anklet (A113)
Crystal Green Lucky Charms Shamrock Anklet (A113)
First up in the ever expanding handmade beaded anklet collection is the new St. Patrick's Day shamrock anklet. You will always have a lucky four leaf clover with you when you wear this lucky peridot green Swarovski Crystal clover beaded anklet. Design features peridot Swarovski Crystals, green glass seed bead accents and sterling silver beads. Finished with a double Swarovski Crystal charm drop and signature jewelry tag. Measures 10".

The way I see it is, you don't have to be Irish to wear green and, well, be Irish this St. Patrick's Day! Green is the color for prosperity and often symbolizes money. But ever wonder why the clover is associated with St. Patrick's Day?

History of Four-Leaf Clovers

We all know four-leaf clovers to be associated with St. Patrick's Day. But, did you know they appeared in centuries-old legends as symbols of good luck. In the early days of Ireland, four-leaf clovers were Celtic charms, presumed to offer magical protection and ward off bad luck. The first literary reference to suggest their good fortune was made in 1620 by Sir John Melton.

Fun Facts About Four-Leaf Clovers
-A shamrock is a three-leaf clover (the most common clover)
-There are approximately 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every "lucky" four-leaf clover.
-There are no clover plants that naturally produce four leaves, which is why four-leaf clovers are so rare.
-The leaves of four-leaf clovers are said to stand for faith, hope, love, and luck.
-The four-leaf clover is one of the most common good luck charms of North America.
-It's often said that Ireland is home to more four-leaf clovers than any other place, giving meaning to the phrase "the luck of the Irish."
-Edward Martin Sr. from Cooper Landing, Alaska holds the Guinness world record for the largest collectioon of four leaf clovers, which he has been collecting since 1999. As of May 2007, he holds 111,060 four leaf clovers.

Clovers are even popular in food. My husband loves the green Shamrock Shake that always comes back around St. Patrick's Day.

Last Fun Fact
-Clovers are in the same family as peas (ewww!)

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