Custom Pumpkin Lampwork Beaded Keychains Gift Set

The beauty of my job, as a jewelry designer, is that I get to design unique handmade creations, for special people, that will be cherished for years to come. Each of my custom pieces are infused with memories, special moments and meaning.

You may remember The Great Beaded Pumpkin Zipper Pulls Charms post, where I shared the inspiration for our Halloween Pumpkin Crystal Lampwork Beaded Keychain (K103) was another artisan's pumpkin drawing.

This dear friend has a heart of gold and is always thinking of others. She wanted the original design and requested three additional custom pumpkin beaded keychains, to give as handmade gifts to her three step-daughters, which she considers as her own precious daughters.

You know the saying:
You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family.
Barb's Custom Pumpkin Lampwork Beaded Key Chains (K103)
Barb's Custom Pumpkin Lampwork Beaded Keychains (K103)

Over the years, the three siblings have agreed and disagreed on many things. When one sibling stands against the rest for what ever reason, hearts are bound to feel hurt. These disagreements led the siblings to sometimes forget the true meaning of family.

Barb was witness to how this discord had affected the three siblings' relationship and it broke her heart. Knowing that "pumpkin" was a nickname given to her oldest daughter, Tori, as a baby, she knew these would make perfect personalized gifts and symbols of what is important -family.

Barb gifted each of the girls with one Custom Pumpkin Lampwork Beaded Keychain and kept one for herself. The gift to the girls was to be a reminder they will always be family and they should stick together. The fourth key ring remained with Barb as a symbol to all three girls that she is always there for them -through thick and thin.

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