Asthma Awareness Bracelet (BA212) Labradorite Gemstone

The best way I have found to try and describe what it feels like when you have Asthma, is to ask the question, 'Do you remember how it feels when it's super cold out and you step foot outside....and the frigid wind blasts your face? And for a moment it takes your breathe away?'

That's how it can feel with Asthma. But, if you are having an Asthma attack, you don't just lose your breathe for a moment. There are Asthma triggers which can be different for each person. Some of the triggers include smoke, dust, dander, mold and environmental air quality. We are all exposed to these triggers almost daily -not all, but most of them. Which is why raising Asthma Awareness is so important and if you're going to raise awareness -why not do it beautifully?!
Labradorite Gemstone Crystal Asthma Awareness Bracelet (BA212)
Labradorite Gemstone Asthma Awareness Bracelet (BA212)
With this gemstone bracelet raising awareness of Asthma has never been so beautiful. This handmade beaded awareness bracelet features stunning faceted labradorite rondelle gemstones flanking the center and sides with sterling silver beads, Bali and black diamond Swarovski Crystals intermingled into the design. Finished with a sterling silver awareness ribbon charm and signature jewelry tag. Measures 8".

The uniqueness of these natural labradorite gemstone beads is the grey base displays flashes of brilliant blue, purple and green colors!

Gray is nationally recognized as the Asthma Awareness ribbon color and Allergy Awareness color.

As a healing crystal, labradorite strengthens the immune system and repairs the aura.

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