Blue Stained Glass Crystal Beaded Lanyard (L107)

Personally, I feel there is an element of romance that comes with stained glass.

Stained glass, or colored glass, is both an art and a craft. It takes skill to produce a beautiful workable design and then it takes skill to assemble the piece.

You might be most familiar with the beautiful and stunning stained glass found in church windows. A fond memory I have as a child was walking to church and being so mesmerized with the awe-inspiring stained glass windows at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church.

That fond memory is what inspired this beautiful Blue Stained Glass Crystal Beaded ID Lanyard (L107). The pairing of a rich blue "stained glass" bead with bronze seed beads makes the ID Badge Holder a standout piece!
Stained Glass Bronzed Blue Crystal Beaded Lanyard (L107)
Blue Stained Glass Crystal Beaded ID Lanyard (L107)

Show your ID in style with this beautiful handmade beaded lanyard. Design features aqua blue "stained glass" beads, bronzed and black seed beads, sterling silver and blue indicolite Crystals by Swarovski. The badge holder comes with a 24mm silver key ring, lanyard hook and is finished with our sterling silver jewelry tag. Total length is 35" and hangs 17-1/2" long from your neck (including key ring and badge hook).

This bead lanyard is Made in the USA and is a necessity of you have to wear a work badge, have to show your badge for access points, carrying keys and more. It will also make for a useful and thoughtful handmade to your coworker or as gifts from boss to staff!

*Contact Us to check availability of inventory and whether this lanyard can be recreated.

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