Amanda's Custom Childhood Cancer Awareness Bracelet (B196-CC)

In 2012 Amanda contacted me about creating a very special custom childhood cancer bracelet. She had come across the popular Guardian Angel Caregiver Awareness Bracelet (B196) and wanted to customize it just little further.

Amanda's design request was that this handmade beaded bracelet was to support raising awareness of childhood cancer, organ donation and organ transplant.

Gold is the awareness support color for childhood cancer.
Amanda's Custom Childhood Cancer Awareness Bracelet (B196-CC)
Amanda's Custom Childhood Cancer Awareness Bracelet (B196-CC)

Although Swarovski does produce a gold crystal, it could look harsh for this delicate style. To hold true to the awareness color and the request of Amanda, I used instead the soft crystal golden shadow Crystal by Swarovski. Paired with that were sterling silver beads, Bali and letter beads TS (the initials of the child) and TX (for transplant). I finished design with a sterling silver awareness ribbon charm and signature jewelry tag. The bracelet measured 7-1/2".

This very special awareness bracelet was created in honor of 2 year old, Thomas, who is battling childhood cancer and was to begin chemotherapy treatments.

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