Kathy's Custom Red Heart Transplant Survivor Bracelet (BA218-II)

Happy Valentine's Day 2015! ♥ ♥

On this day, February 14th, the day of Hearts and Love, I am super excited to introduce you to the latest custom awareness bracelet design -a heart transplant survivor bracelet.

I am humbled. I am flattered. But, most of all I'm honored to have been selected to do this design.

Kathy has admired my handcrafted jewelry for nearly a year. She had contacted me in the fall of 2014 requesting a quote on a custom birthstone name bracelet, which was to be for her daughter. Unfortunately, around that same time her life was going through some unexpected changes. But, Kathy continued to admire Crystal Allure Bracelets.

One day, she admired Patricia's Custom Heart Transplant Survivor Bracelet -and she decided she MUST have it. What I later learned was there was so much more to Kathy's story.

Kathy told her sister all about Crystal Allure and this bracelet she really, really wanted. It wasn't soon after that I heard from Pam, Kathy's younger sister. It was during my conversation with Pam that I learned so much more about Kathy -and what a fighter she truly was.

The beauty of them being sisters was the fact they were born on the same day, 4 years apart! I could just hear it in Pam's voice, how much she loved her sister. Pam told be about how Kathy had received a life-saving heart transplant on February 13, 2014. I was shocked to learn this because in all my email exchanges with Kathy she never shared this precious bit of information about herself.
Kathy's Custom Red Heart Transplant Survivor Bracelet (BA218-II)
Kathy's Custom Red Heart Transplant Survivor Bracelet (BA218-II)

I also learned Pam and Kathy's fathers' birthday was February 11th. Oh my, what a wonderful and celebratory month this was for these two wonderful ladies! It was during that conversation with Pam on February 1, 2015 that I was truly humbled by Kathy's admiration of my jewelry designs. And I was going to do whatever it took to make sure I got Kathy's custom bracelet finished and to her by her 1st Heart Transplant Anniversary on February 13th!

The one request that presented a slight challenge was the handstamped charm. Pam wanted the charm to have Kathy's heart transplant date on it and wanted a heart shaped charm. Given the limited time to complete the bracelet, I quickly learned getting a heart shaped charm, that I could custom stamp, was going to prove difficult. But, not all was lost. It's at exactly these moments that my artistic juices start to flow. And behind the scenes I started working my magic.

The final design was just as Kathy had wanted: sparkling red Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver beads, .925 Bali and letter blocks that read 'SURVIVOR'. But, what really made this design Kathy's own custom design was the hand stamped charm of Kathy's transplant date.....and a heart stamp right beneath the date! It was perfect! I was so thrilled with this final design and when I told Pam about the truly personalized charm, her response was, "You ROCK, Stephanie!!!!!". I was so happy my eyes teared up.

That night, Pam and I talked for a good 45 minutes and I really learned so much about Kathy -and how much she was a FIGHTER -and yes, a SURVIVOR! I could barely contain myself as to what Kathy would think when she received her very special custom awareness bracelet.

Then Kathy called and left a message.
"It's stunning and everybody loves it! Thank you very much for doing this for me. God bless people like you."
And when I heard that message that my heart was full and I knew I had made another person's heart feel the same.

You are so very welcome Kathy! Happy 1st Heart Transplant Anniversary too!

And thank you to both Kathy and Pam for choosing Crystal Allure to share your story and to design your custom transplant bracelet!

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