Courtney's Senior Ball Custom Jewelry Design Process

Senior Ball Gown dress material. Photo Credit: Crystal Allure Creations
Image Source: Crystal Allure Creations
Just a short month after Courtney's Junior Prom last year, she was going to be attending her boyfriends' Senior Ball.

And, you guessed it -she needed prom jewelry to coordinate with her dress and she chose Crystal Allure Creations again! Yea!

I was so excited to do this custom jewelry set for her! This time she decided instead of a bracelet, she would need hair combs because she planned on an elegant updo for her hair.

This dress was a little more complicated because although it was white, it had the slightest hint of pink shimmer -but only under certain lighting and when you got close to it. And to me, the details always matter!

But, roadblocks have never stopped me in my design tracks! Lol. I didn't even consider it a true "problem" -more of a challenge -and you know me with a jewelry challenge.

Courtney's design specs were:
1. Her dress was a one-shoulder dress but she still wanted a necklace.
2. Her shoes would be silver. In fact, they were the same ones she wore for her Junior Prom.
3. She needed hair combs.
4. She wanted her earrings to be not as long as the earrings from her Junior Prom.

I was given the freedom to come up with any design I thought was best, taking into consideration her specs. The first step, as always, is to find a complimentary Swarovski Crystal to go into the jewelry design. The pink crystals I narrowed it down to were:
Swarovski Crystals to choose from for Courtney's Custom Prom Jewelry by Crystal Allure
Pink Swarovski Crystals for Custom Prom Jewelry
The Swarovski Crystals I ended up choosing included light rose, light rose AB and crystal AB. The final jewelry design turned out perfect for Courtney and it was my privilege to have been part of a very special twist on their special day! Stay tuned for details...

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