Bracelet Sizing Standards Guide

Not all bracelets are the same. For example, a size 7-1/2" bracelet with a traditional lobster clasp will typically measure as a 7-1/2" from end to end. However, a bracelet designed with a toggle clasp may measure at an 8" but fit comfortably a 7-1/2" wrist. This also holds true for bracelets designed with larger beads and gemstones. These bracelets should be purchased at a 1/4"-1/2" larger than needed size so that it fits comfortably on your wrist.

To help assist you, use this Bracelet Sizing Standards Guide to properly size your handmade beaded jewelry bracelets from Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry.

All Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry handmade bracelets are measured from end to end including the clasp and some designs are available with an extender chain to allow for adjusting the length. To ensure that your bracelet will fit you when it arrives, use this guide and/or sizing chart below and keep in mind (from above): The chunkier the beads, the smaller the fit (i.e., an 8" chunky bracelet, which might be a lampwork bead bracelet, will fit more like a 7-1/2").

Measuring for your Handmade Beaded Bracelet

Step 1: Measuring Your Wrist
To determine the bracelet or watch size you need, measure your wrist with a soft flexible measuring tape -just below the wrist bone (see illustration below). If you do not have a measuring tape you can use a ribbon or piece of string. Mark the length then measure with a ruler. This measurement gives you your actual wrist measurement.
Bracelet Measuring Illustration

Step 2: Accommodating For The Clasp
To allow for movement and flexibility, bracelets with a toggle clasp should be ordered larger and you should add 1" to 1-1/4" to your actual wrist measurement (from Step 1 above). For bracelets with a lobster clasp, add 3/4"-1" to your actual wrist measurement.

How to Choose a Size for a Gift Bracelet

Jewelry makes a wonderful gift, but sometimes it's difficult to guess your gift recipient's wrist size. If the bracelet is a gift and you don't know their wrist size, refer to the bracelet size chart below and estimate. The average person is generally 7.25-7.5".

Extra Small: 6-6.5 inches
Small: 6.5-7 inches
Medium: 7-7.5 inches (Standard)
Large: 7.5-8 inches
Extra Large: 8-8.5 inches and up.

If you are still not sure, buy a small or medium bracelet with an extender chain. A bracelet extender not only adds versatility to the length, but it's also a nice decorative touch. At Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry, I try to offer an extender chain on most bracelets that will accommodate one. Our extender chain adds anywhere from 1" to 2.5" to the length of the bracelet. This guarantees your bracelet will fit.

Feel free to refer to this jewelry article when you are buying from any online jewelry designer. And remember that when you buy from a handmade jewelry designer, you have more control over the specifics of your jewelry (size, color, etc). When you shop at Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry, I want you to be happy with your purchase. You can feel comfortable emailing me prior to placing an order with any questions you might have.

Please refer to the custom jewelry policy when considering what size to order for a custom design or for a bracelet you may be gifting.

Please note: Due to bead size variations most Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry have an ~1/8" tolerance in sizing. Also, if the beads, pearls, gemstones or other adornments are very large, the room for your wrist may decrease.

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