Courtney's Custom Pink Crystal Senior Ball Prom Jewelry

We are already into May and work has begun on Courtney's own Senior Ball custom prom jewelry in a lovely aqua blue. But, first before I want to share with you her final prom jewelry for his Senior Ball, from last year.

If you recall, Courtney was attending her boyfriends' Senior Ball and I detailed the design process that included a white dress with sequins and crystal prom jewelry in both aurora borealis and pink crystals.
Courtney's Custom Senior Ball Pink Crystal Jewelry Set (NC137, E299, HC110)
Courtney's Custom Senior Ball Pink Crystal Jewelry Set (NC137, E299, HC110)

This custom prom jewelry set turned out beautifully! Designed using aurora borealis (AB), pink and pink aurora borealis Swarovski Crystals individually wire-wrapped into a necklace with a delicate pink crystal drop pendant. Coordinating crystal drop earrings and matching crystal encrusted hair combs finish this sparkling jewelry set.
Courtney wearing her custom prom jewelry -Necklace and Earrings
Necklace and Earrings by Crystal Allure
This next picture shows the beautiful crystal encrusted hair combs that I designed for her updo. It's the first time I've done hair combs and I think they turned out perfect.
Courtney modeling her custom crystal encrusted hair combs
Custom crystal encrusted hair combs
And the lovely couple...
Courtney with her boyfriend all dressed for Prom
Courtney with her boyfriend
In the design process blog post, I mentioned a slight unexpected twist to the day....
Prom proposal! Handmade Crystal Jewelry by Crystal Allure
Yes -he proposed! A perfect Prom proposal.
The proposal Courtney received was actually a pre-engagement proposal. But, all the same, it was my first handmade jewelry prom proposal! What a happy moment for a memorable event in their young lives.
Courntey rockin' her pre-engagement diamond ring -Handmade Jewelry by Crystal Allure
Courtney rockin' her pre-engagement diamond ring!
In this final picture, Courtney is rockin' her pre-engagement diamond ring. This proposal definitely made it a memorable day! I was honored to have been chosen to create this custom crystal jewelry for Courtney and to have been part of this special day with her.

Thank you Courtney for choosing Crystal Allure Jewelry for all your prom jewelry!

Stay tuned for Courtney's own custom Senior Ball prom jewelry in aqua blue and you'll also read about another intriguing twist to this years' event....

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