Golden Rings Lilac Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry Set (N051, E169)

Pink Light Purple Lilac Bush -photo by Crystal Allure Creations
Photo credit: Crystal Allure Creations
In Upstate New York, this is the last weekend of the annual Rochester Lilac Festival.

This event is scheduled during May when the numerous flowering lilac bushes are typically (or hopefully!) in full bloom. It truly is a sight to see and smell!

With fragrant blooms and a variety of colors from pink to purple, these lovely lilacs are what inspired this lilac purple handmade jewelry set.

When I came across these gorgeous amethyst gemstone nuggets, I just couldn't put them down. They felt so good in my hands and I knew they would make a beautiful necklace with the unique gold clasp.

Wear lilacs all year long....
Just like the beauty of springtime lilacs in May, amethyst gemstones are soothing to the eye and have long been admired for their rich, beautiful purple color. Amethysts are elegant, graceful and when paired with gold are truly a sight to behold.
Golden Rings Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry Set (N051, E169)
Golden Rings Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry Set (N051 and E169)
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This handmade necklace is designed with purple lilac amethyst gemstone nuggets and each one has been wire wrapped to a 14kt gold fill ring. The unique feature of this gemstone necklace is the open-weave gold vermeil box clasp that can be worn in the front for a clever and stylish alternative to the traditional clasp behind the neck. Either way you wear it, it is your style, your way. Necklace is a Princess length of 18".

The handmade gemstone earrings feature a pair of rich purple lilac amethyst gemstone nuggets, 14kt gold fill ring circles, beads and gold fill french hook earwires. The length is 1" from the bottom of the earwire.

If you wish to purchase these items separately, please feel free to contact me for pricing and checkout options.

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