A Kidney Donor's Gift of Life Jewelry (B105-D7)

On May 22, 2015 I receive an email from Britton who was interested in purchasing the Transplant Awareness Ribbons Bracelet (B105). He wanted an engraved heart charm with the date 6/3/2014 and an awareness ribbon charm. Britton also needed the bracelet by June 3rd.

Sterling Silver Heart Charms -Crystal Allure Jewelry Creations
Due to time constraints and inventory availability, I offered Britton other sterling silver heart charm choices. Along with these choices, was the option to hand stamp a jewelry charm with Tatyana's first initial.

The process was started by me sending him a "rough draft" image of his bracelet with one of the heart charms I had in stock. Through our email exchanges I began to learn about Britton and why he was making a custom awareness bracelet request.

Britton was given the gift of life, by his significant other, Tatyana. On 6/3/2014, Tatyana was a kidney donor to Britton and in his words, "saved my life." In celebration of their 1st year kidney-versary, Britton wanted to have a custom kidney donor jewelry bracelet designed to honor her and to show his love and appreciation for her selfless act.

Britton even went the extra mile by measuring one of Tatyana's bracelets and sending me a picture of the bracelet next to a measuring tape -just so we could be sure to get her the correct size.

At this point, Britton wasn't really feeling the heart charm picture I had previously sent (which included the heart charm at the bottom of the image above). So, I made the suggestion that I would send him a picture of all the heart charms I had in stock. Much to my excitement, I came across a heart charm that I forgot I had (that's what happens when you have a jewelry obsession!).

When I emailed the picture, I gave a little summary of each charm. But, the charm I had my eye on was the interwoven hearts; a symbol of two hearts that have become one. Once I had learned that Britton and Tatyana were not only a couple but now also shared such a deep, heartfelt bonding experience.... I just knew the best charm choice that was that one double heart charm. And Britton felt the same.

Just 7 days after Britton made his first inquiry, I shipped out the perfect custom kidney donor personalized bracelet that Britton would be proud to give to his love, Tatyana. Both Britton and Tatyana celebrated their 1st year kidney-versary this past June 3, 2015. Although I wished them congratulations earlier, I just want to say again, 'Happy 1st Kidney-versary Britton and Tatyana!!'
Custom Gift of Life Kidney Donor Transplant Awareness Ribbons Bracelet (B105-D7)
Tatyana's Custom Gift of Life Kidney Donor Transplant Awareness Ribbons Bracelet (B105-D7)

Thank you Britton for entrusting me (and Crystal Allure Jewelry) with this very special custom awareness bracelet design for a truly special couple. It was my honor to design this memorable and meaningful keepsake treasure. Enjoy!

Here's what Britton and Tatyana had to say about their custom bracelet:

"Love it. Thanks so very much for being a part of this special day."

"Hey it's Britton. My wife loved it. Thank you so very much."

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