Guide to Cancer Awareness Ribbon Colors

We are often asked, "What colors are associated with different cancers in jewelry?" So, it was a great reason to create this comprehensive cancer colors guide.

Most of us have been touched in some way by cancer, whether through family, friends or co-workers.
Compiled below is a guide to cancer awareness ribbon colors which is an excerpt from the popular Awareness Ribbon Colors and Meanings Guide.

Find below the awareness ribbon color for each corresponding cancer. This is a living document, in that, it will be updated as new colors are discovered for the various cancers.
  General (Unspecified) Cancers -Lavender
  Appendix Cancer -Amber
  Blood Cancer -Red
  Brain Cancer -Grey
  Breast Cancer -Pink
  Bronchial Cancer -White (Pearl)
  Cervical Cancer -Teal
  Childhood Cancer -Gold
  Colon Cancer / Colorectal Cancer -Blue (alternate: brown)
  Endometrial Cancer -Peach
  Esophageal Cancer -Periwinkle
  Gall Bladder / Bile Duct Cancer -Kelly Green
  Gastric Cancer -Periwinkle
  Gynecological Cancer -Teal
  Hodgkin's Lymphoma -Violet
  Kidney Cancer -Orange
  Leiomyosarcoma -Purple
  Leukemia -Orange
  Liver Cancer -Green / Emerald Green
  Lung Cancer -White
  Lymphoma -Lime Green
  Melanoma -Black
  Multiple Myeloma -Burgundy
  Ovarian Cancer -Teal
  Pancreatic Cancer -Purple
  Prostate Cancer -Light Blue
  Sarcoma / Bone Cancer -Yellow
  Small Intestine / Stomach Cancer -Periwinkle
  Testicular Cancer -Orchid
  Uterine Cancer -Peach

If you find a cancer missing from this list, please email me for possible inclusion in this cancer color guide.

This article was last updated August 3, 2015.

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