Multi-Gemstone Wrap Bracelet for Cancer Awareness

Earlier last year I introduced you to Joann and the Custom Multi-Cancer Awareness Bracelets (BA219) she had me design to raise awareness for three cancers that had affected her family: bladder cancer, thyroid cancer and kidney cancer. It was shortly after speaking with Joann that I vowed to create more cancer awareness bracelets.

To be diagnosed with cancer is devastating news. Your mind and body run through a range of feelings and emotions; your thoughts turn to your family and friends; you wonder how you will manage this unwanted path in your life and then....your thoughts turn to fighting this cancer. Your mantra becomes, 'I will not let this Cancer beat me!' Throughout your treatment your support team is also dealing with your diagnosis. It may not be the same feelings you are dealing with, but they are also going through this with you.
National Cancer Survivors Day -Image by Crystal Allure Jewelry Creations
National Cancer Survivors Day is June 7, 2015
Earlier this year, I learned a dear friend's mother had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Your pancreas, shaped somewhat like a pear, lies horizontally behind the lower part of your stomach. It is responsible for secreting enzymes that aid in digestion, as well as, hormones to help regulate the metabolism of sugars.

When I met my friend this past weekend, I learned her mother is in the stage of managing her pain; both my friend and her sister have now become caregivers. I could see this has been a difficult time for her and my heart went out to her. It is not easy to be a caregiver and sometimes we forget, or are not aware of, just how much of themselves they give and give up to be a caregiver.

Both hearing from my friend and from the research I did for this blog article, pancreatic cancer often has a poor prognosis. One of the main reasons is because symptoms may not appear until it is already quite advance, which is why it is seldom detected in its early stages. Compounding this issue is the fact that pancreatic cancer also spreads rapidly.

I am sharing this information with you about pancreatic cancer in honor of my dear friend and her mother. It is my hope you will help spread the word about PC and urge your friends and family to learn more about it. Although I'm aware of the prognosis for my friends' mother, as a cancer caregiver, both the affected and their support team are survivors.
Multi-Gemstone Cancer Awareness Wrap Bracelet (BA214)
Multi-Gemstone Cancer Awareness Wrap Bracelet (BA214)
This is truly a unique cancer awareness bracelet. Both handcrafted and beaded this design was created with a variety of colorful faceted fire agate gemstones (to represent the different cancer awareness ribbon colors), sterling silver beads with sterling awareness ribbon charm and signature jewelry tag. Aside from the one of a kind gemstones used in the design, the magnetic clasp allows you to wear this 14-1/4" length gem strand double wrapped to comfortably fit an average 7-1/2" bracelet size.

It's really a double strand bracelet uniquely designed as a single strand that you can wrap. This cancer awareness bracelet design is a one of a kind!

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