Mary Kay's Handmade Mother of the Bride Jewelry Inspiration

In the previous post on Lauren's Handmade Wedding Jewelry Details, I shared the details and inspiration for the Bridesmaids Jewelry and Maids of Honor Jewelry. This particular custom wedding jewelry group was large enough that it needed to be broken down into various posts. But, that works perfectly because then I get to individually highlight the jewelry and design details of both the Bridesmaids, as well as, the Mother of the Bride.

When Mary Kay and I first communicated, she provided me some details on her dress and also said she would be wearing her mothers' diamond ring and earrings (which were in white gold). She wasn't sure if she should have silver or gold custom jewelry created to coordinate with the white gold heirloom jewelry.

This was going to be the first time I've created handmade beaded jewelry to coordinate with existing fine jewelry pieces. To be sure I created pieces that would be perfectly paired, I asked for pictures, of both the dress and the heirloom jewelry -and it's a good thing I did.

It just so happened the diamond ring design was in the currently popular Halo style. While searching for those just right components I love to add to my jewelry designs, I happened across a clasp that I felt would be a perfect pairing to the ring.

Mary Kay's Mother of the Bride Jewelry would be designed around two elements: her dress and her mother's diamond ring and earrings. The dress was a combination of both soft chiffon and rich lace in a champagne color. I suggested Mary Kay go with the same pearl color that the wedding party jewelry was being designed with because: (1) it would complement the fact that she, as the Mother of the Bride, was connected to the bridal party, (2) because it appeared her dress was in the same color family and (3) the chiffon top of her dress was a direct complement to the chiffon bridal party dress.

Although I had seen a picture of her dress, I asked for a sample of the fabric just to be sure we'd chosen the right Swarovski Pearl color (plus I had a secret design idea brewing in my head....). The custom pieces Mary Kay requested were a crystal and pearl bracelethair pins and a brooch.

My goal with the beaded bracelet was to create a design that she could easily wear after the wedding, whether with casual or formal wear. It was also in my plan to incorporate both gold and silver into the bracelet design. This custom jewelry order will also be the first where I've been asked for hair pins (bobby pins) and a brooch!

Stay tuned to see how the jewelry turned out......

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