Lauren's Custom Bridal Crystal Allure Starburst Hair Comb

The creation of Lauren's Bridesmaids Jewelry was already in full swing and the designs were on track for completion. With just three weeks until the wedding, Lauren contacted me to ask if there would be time to design a custom bridal hair comb.

We discussed the specifics about what style she was looking for and how she planned to have her hair styled for the wedding. She really wanted to incorporate the bridesmaids jewelry into her hair piece somehow. There was no time to waste and so I got to work on making sure Lauren had the most beautiful bridal hair comb to wear on her wedding day!
Unfinished Crystal Allure Starburst Hair Comb | Photo credit: Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Creations
I happened to come across this unfinished starburst hair comb (shown above) that was pretty similar to the style Lauren wanted. As I always do, I had a plan! I sent Lauren a picture of the comb I found and explained the idea I had. Her reply was,
Looks good to me! Work your magic!!
In the interest of time, it was also the perfect solution.
Lauren's Custom Bridal Crystal Pearl Starburst Hair Comb (HC1500)
Lauren's Custom Bridal Crystal Allure Starburst Hair Comb (HC1500)

What emerged from my idea was a sparkling rhinestone starburst hair comb transformed into a handmade crystal and pearl bridal hair piece! A scattering of the bridal party's burgundy Swarovski Crystals and champagne bronze Swarovski Pearls, along with a few bridal white Swarovski Pearls were each wire wrapped to a silver hair comb. The comb measured 3-1/4" x 2-1/4".
Lauren wearing her Custom Bridal Crystal Allure Starburst Hair Comb
Lauren wearing her Custom Bridal Crystal Allure Starburst Hair Comb
Isn't it just beautiful!

On Lauren's wedding day, both her and Mary Kay were so kind to think of sending me pictures. It's such a busy and important time for both mother and daughter -and for them to think of sending me pictures just fills my heart. I am so appreciative of their gesture!

These moments are what truly gives meaning to my jewelry designs and inspires me to create. So, although my customers thank me for designing beautiful jewelry for them -it is really I who should (and do!) thank them for choosing Crystal Allure to be part of their special moments with my custom jewelry designs.

More to come on Lauren's Wedding Day.....

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