Giving Back

Long before Crystal Allure Jewelry even began, I had been either raising donations or awareness for the causes closest to my heart. In fact, Crystal Allure was found on the discovery that no other business resource existed in the creation of cystic fibrosis awareness braceletsorgan donation awareness bracelets, or transplant awareness bracelets.

When I initially began designing the first awareness bracelets, all funds raised supported Lungs for Life, in memory of my brother Edward W. Wlodarski. Those donations helped to support patient assistance programs, cystic fibrosis awareness and organ donation-transplant awareness.

Over the years, the Awareness Jewelry Collection has grown and through the sales of awareness jewelry, Crystal Allure has been able to continue contributing both cash and product donations to worthy causes. It is my hope you share this same passion for making a difference and will join me in this effort.

The partial list below represents some of the causes, fundraisers and organizations I have proudly supported in the past:

American Cancer Society
Gilda's Club Cancer Support
Local Prom Jewelry Support
Lungs for Life
National Mill Dog Rescue
Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation
Verona Street Animal Society
What A Pair Breast Cancer Support

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