Wire-Wrapping Technique

Shortly after I began designing my pieces I came across the technique of wire-wrapping. This technique makes for a beautifully finished piece of jewelry -especially if any component you wire-wrap dangles from the design, such as charms.

My very first piece that uses this new technique that I have learned are the Glow Earrings. In the first attempt at these I had used the simple loop technique but once they were done and I was able to see them whole and finished something just didn't look right. I decided today is the day I'm going to learn a new technique and I decided to teach myself wire-wrapping.

Armed with some instructional books and the proper tools I took the first earring and wire-wrapped the first crystal -it came out perfect the very first time! I thought to myself, "This wasn't very difficult...why did I wait so long to learn this?!" And so onto the second earring and viola! The results were a beautiful pair of earrings that anyone would be proud to wear.

They were so beautiful that I just had to have a pair for myself! And so, I now have as part of my personal jewelry collection this pair of earrings that look absolutely stunning with a dressy outfit or even a casual outfit (such as white crop pants, a tan colored shirt -in any fabric except cotton -and sandles) -fabulous!!

I am currently working on a bracelet and earrings set that again uses this technique but I am most interested in a forthcoming piece of jewelry that will be designed into earrings using shell disc beads. I can picture the finished piece in my mind and I am quite positive they'll be wonderful! -stay tuned!!

I am not one for re-inventing the wheel when the wheel is not broken so if you're interesting in learning this technique for yourself all you have to do is simply do a search on the internet for "wire-wrapping" or go to your local bookstore and search for jewelry design books. As always, use the proper tools and you too can create beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry!

Crystal Allure Makes Its' Mark!

Just arrived! Crystal Allure signature jewelry tags!

Each beautiful Sterling Silver bracelet and/or necklace you purchase will now be adorned with our new .925 Sterling Silver oval custom jewelry tag. These tags are engraved with a diamond tip in a beautiful cursive font.

This signature tag adds just the right finishing touch to each of my stunning creations.

Although some of the designs you see on the website do not show the jewelry tag, it is my plan overtime to re-picture each appropriate piece reflecting the new tag. In addition, in the near future it is planned to also add a 14k Gold or 14k Gold-Filled jewelry tag to all my Gold Creations.

Picture Perfect

I haven't been all too happy with my jewelry pictures and I finally broke down and invested in a light tent. It actually arrived weeks ago and it wasn't until recently that I have been able to "steal" some time and test it out. Up to now I've tried to take pictures in all sorts of lighting in various ways and although the picture comes out it just does not do my jewelry justice!

So far, all the Summer Collection pictures have been taken with the new light tent. As you can see I'm still working on the lighting factor but I do think they have been coming out better. Although these new pictures using the light tent are not the final pictures I plan to leave on the site I did want to get some posted especially too since they are from the Summer Collection.

My goal is to get bright, crisp pictures of all my products so that you, the customer, can get a better idea of how they look. Although I know ALL my customers are even more pleased once they receive the jewelry and see it real time -it's still hard to make a decision when the picture is not great. But, I'm working on that!

More of the Summer Collection still to come.....