Ahead of the times? Or just in line with the times?

It generally takes a lot to surprise or amaze me. Yet lately, creatively, I've amazed myself and don't know what to make of it -more of this to follow. But first, I don't think I make things easy for myself either, as a rule, I can work in my home studio for hours and yet design ideas don't come easily to me until I'm not in the studio (or near paper for that matter!).

Here's what I mean: I think we can all agree our lives are very, very busy. With that said, it is a rule, tradition (call it what you like) in my home for both myself and my husband to stop doing what we're doing every evening at 9:00 p.m. to spend at least an hour with each other before we head to bed to start the next day. We'll usually sit together and watch television. Now it is during these times that design ideas just pop into my head (and of course I'm never near paper) -or best of all, they'll pop in my head while I'm sleeping (and I'll wake up knowing I just created a piece in my thoughts but I'm too tired to turn the light on, search for paper and sketch it out). Mind you, I've lost a good many design ideas simply because of this! Sad, I know.

So now that you know this, let me get back to my original thought (since it all ties in together). On the occasion that I actually get that piece of paper or happen to remember the design when I wake up and actually sketch it out, of late I'm simply amazed that I've actually found my design in a store or a jewelry ad!! I've never seen the piece before yet I designed it in my head -granted the beads are different but essentially it is the same.

Just last night while shopping for a new suit for an upcoming interview (yes, I still must maintain my day job *sigh*) I pointed out a necklace that I had just designed at work that day! Again, the pendant on the store design was different but the structure and this time, even the color was the same and I just pointed at it and said to my husband, "I just sketched that out on paper right before leaving work!". Even more strange is my sketch was a single strand necklace, yet while walking to my car I pictured this design as a multi-strand necklace -which I decided to make it this way. And as I said, there is was, sitting in the store jewelry case! And this is not the first time this has happened. Now, my husband just smiles and shakes his head because he just can't understand how I do this.

Periodically, in my conversations with my husband (bless his soul for listening to me! since I can ramble on...and on...!) I've mentioned to him some idea or trend that I was thinking about and then I get my fashion magazine in the mail and there it is! In print! The idea or trend I just told him about. So, although he's used to it, he's still baffled at times. Me on the other hand, I'm amazed. Not sure why since I have always been creative, felt I was on the "cutting edge" of style -so to speak, and would even go so far as to say I've set my own trends at times.

So why am I amazed? I don't know. Guess I haven't given it much thought -or as my husband would say, I haven't analyzed it yet! Maybe I'm amazed simply because I feel that it "is my design" -or that it could be!

The solution....find the time (HA!!) to get my designs out and into the stores......

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