Another Show Closed -Exciting New Products-

As 2006 nears the end of the year, there are only a few local shows left to showcase my jewelry and accessories with. Since starting to do shows this year I've found a mixed bag of results and observations. I'm looking forward to the new shows I hope to sign for 2007 and look forward to seeing you all there!

This past show at the Union Hill Fire Department was what I expected it to be. Just about everyone who walked in actually looked over my table -I've been at a few shows and some people don't even want to step in! I think that really comes from how I set my display up -it looks very professional and I've been commented on it time and time again. It was profitable enough with a few sales and interestingly, this time quite a few people asked me for jewelry making advice and techniques! I hear over and over how beautiful my jewelry is and I am ever so grateful for your comments! Thank you, thank you!!

Sadly, the only disappointment to me was that of the jewelry vendors there (which is somewhat hard to count because what is happening now is jewelry vendors are showcasing a lot of other crafts -but their true craft is the just about everyone seemed to be selling jewelry in some fashion). What I found was those exclusive to jewelry (there was about 33 vendors -give or take -and four of those were exclusive to jewelry) just two were actually handmade! The other two were company's set up like Mary Kay cosmetics -the jewelry was not handmade by the seller -rather they were just a representative of the company. So now I completely understand and do not get too frustrated over the question, "Are your products handmade?". It baffled me at first when I started these shows because that's what the shows were suppose to be about -handmade/handcrafted items. Although in all fairness the "bigger" shows do adhere strictly to these guidelines -which is why I'll be targeting them next year!

But all in all it was a good day and I had the most wonderful conversation with a customer. I never got her name but she asked me all about my main material, Swarovski crystals, and also about upcoming show dates and a few of my products. As she looked over my earrings she even asked me about my FALLing Leaves earrings -and I was excited to tell her the story behind why I designed those! This lovely woman also purchased them and I explained to her that she will be the proud owner of these earrings not only for their design and durability but also because she'll be only the second person to own this design. I only created two sets of that earring and there will only be two individuals in the United States who will own a pair! She was very excited about that -and that topic led into more conversation about the uniqueness of my designs. Again, should she read this blog I wish to thank her for her sincere interest in my designs and again for her purchase.

Of course there are a lot of other talented artists there and I made a few purchases myself! Just couldn't resist some of the items that I know I'll never be able to do -and they'll look great in my house!

Don't forget to keep posted on the few remaining upcoming shows....

Exciting New Products

Now, while at this recent show I realized that I had a ton of new designs that I had created, tagged and put up in a few shows but never got on the website! So, you will see in the next few weeks all these designs being posted (assuming someone hasn't beaten you to the punch -they'll still be available if posted).

Mostly they consist of earrings (since in addition to beading, I'm an earring addict!) but there are also a few watches (beautiful, beautiful designs!!) and some necklaces. Stay tuned.....better still sign up to the newsletter and you'll be notified when these new items will be available AND you'll be eligible for contests and giveaways!

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