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Business Practices

Customer Service 101 --
I have always prided myself on providing good customer service and employing the best business practices, and this is exactly why:

Recently a woman emailed me to say she was not able to pull up my product pictures and was disappointed. My first reaction was that I was grateful she took the time to email me and bring this to my attention. In my response I explained that it might be a server "hiccup" and that she should try it again in a few hours. But if she was still unable to view them I'd certainly email her whatever I could.

I emailed her the following day to ask if she had any success in pulling up the pictures and she replied that she did and was appreciative that I had followed up with her. She told me she appreciated the good business practice and that she would be forwarding my website link to some friends. BTW -if you read this Conni, Thank You for emailing me in the first place and mostly certainly for sharing my website with your friends!

On another occasion a woman had placed an order and didn't realize until a few emails later that what she thought she would be getting was in fact, not what I would be shipping. She explained (and apologized) for the confusion and felt badly that she misread the website. My response to her was that it was not a problem, things happen and I sent her money back to her. She was grateful and also commented on my great business practices.

And so there you have it. Customer Service 101 -it should never follow the old adage "the customer is always right" rather it should be your clear understanding that if you provide a service you DO have to make your customers #1 and WANT to make them #1. I have been on both sides of the fence and I am very proud of how I conduct business.

Most retail stores cannot always provide this personalized service because they are so big. That is part of what I like so much about Crystal Allure. I am able to provide my customers and the public with jewelry they love AND I can tend to each and every customer who emails and/or places an order. These are my rewards!!

Just something to think about the next time your looking to make a purchase online. But one thing is for sure -if you shop with Crystal Allure Creations you WILL get the best service AND high quality jewelry!

Happy Shopping

HUGE Winter SALE!! For A Limited Time

With the website back up and running I am very happy to announce the HUGE Winter SALE! This is one you really won't want to miss. New designs have been added to this exclusive sale and with an endless choice of options, you're sure to find something.

Across the board, this sale is featuring Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry originals, with earrings for just $7.00! Necklaces for only $15.00 and bracelets for $18.00!! You'd have to be crazy to miss out on this fantastic sale -better still why not pick up a few things for gifts!

BUT, (there's always a 'but') -you must hurry. This sale will end Friday, January 26, 2007 and the products will no longer be available via the website. Pay securely with PayPal or your credit card. You can even pay using a check or money order.

Happy Shopping!

View All Winter Beaded Jewelry Designs

View All Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry Specials

Website Problems -Actively Being Worked On

I have been told that since yesterday my web hoster has had some DNS issues. What that means is, should you be attempting to pull up the Crystal Allure Creations website, you will not have any success. Due to these problems they are experiencing, they must reload all the configurations for their accounts and do not have an estimate of time as to when that will be completed.

You may be able to intermittently pull up the CAC website, but for the most part, most pages will be inaccessible. As soon as this issue is resolved I will be sure to post that information here.

With hope these issues will be rectified today so that I can post the "Winter Bonanza" sale that you really won't want to miss!!!

2007 Golden Globe Awards -Steal The Style!

Personally, I think the best part of the whole show is the red carpet! What was I interested in -the fashions, of course! If you searched around the internet in the days following the awards you probably have noticed there was no shortage of 'fashion observations' -some say this person looked great, others say they didn't. Some said, these were the hot accessories -others disagreed.

Whatever your observations or preferences, if you are interested in owning accessories similar to some of the more popular ones worn on the red carpet, you'll find them here at Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry.

Take for example, Kyra Sedgewick. She wore a pair of long gold mini-chandelier earrings. You can get this similar style wearing the Swarovski Blue Square Chandelier Earrings, which gives you a little color.

Sheryl Crow's chandelier earrings are strinkingly similar to our Swarovski Garnet Filigree Chandelier Earrings. They are long, elegant and are designed with just a hint of color (although personally I think ours would match her outfit better!)

Happy Shopping for your red carpet styles at Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry.

Crystal Allure on Ebay

Are you more comfortable with using eBay? If so, you will now find Crystal Allure Creations has an active blog on eBay for your viewing pleasure. Although I do not have a store on eBay, I now have a blog.

Additionally, while in my eBay blog you can request an RSS feed and always know when new posts are made to the blog. You can visit and bookmark the Crystal Allure Creations eBay blog here:

Crystal Allure Creations on eBay

Dozen Red Roses Bracelet

This bracelet is the perfect compliment to Valentine's Day! Now you can give the gift of both jewelry AND a dozen red roses!! Bracelet is a sterling silver heart link with lobster clasp, finished with genuine Swarovski pearls and crystal "charms".

Purchase you own one-of-a-kind Dozen Red Roses Bracelet on the Crystal Allure Designs website.


I'd have to say it seemed this week was the longest week. Between being on vacation for the last two weeks of 2006 and then with the holiday last week. Just seemed very long -or maybe it's because I'm very tired. I have so many CAC things in the works that I'm not sure where to start!

Over this week I've taken on the task of "re-locating" my bead studio in my home. I felt I needed a more productive space, better lighting and the ability to "trash" my work space and not worry it would be in view of visitors. As of today I'm only partially moved -still working on the actual work area set up -and I have a whole basket of items to get pictured and posted. As well, I have a ton of existing projects to finish and many, many new pieces that I'd like to get done. One thing is for sure -I never lack for design ideas!

Whenever I organize my studio, I always think back to an edition of Extreme Makeover that I saw in 2005 (?). A young girl with cancer made necklaces that she sold to her friends and family to raise money for cancer -well, the EM team created for her a beading room, where she could do her beading. Let me tell you -this was the ultimate bead room! Even today I'm so jealous!! All the drawers, storage, lighting, clean lines, working surfaces...beautiful, just beautiful. Needless to say, I TRY but my studio NEVER looks or functions like that one!

But I make what space I have workable for my needs. Of course, I wish I had not painted this room the color that it is (and I'm sure my husband will grin if he reads this)...and as he knows...sometime (probably in summer) it'll get re-painted the color I want. With the new online store working, my goal right now is to get re-organized and settled so I can get to creating!

With that said, time to get some iced coffee (yum!!), wake up and figure out how to set up my new studio. Minus a short break tomorrow for a family get-together, I plan to be creating most of the weekend! Stay tuned for my brand new creations.....

Monthly Feature: Ice Crystals Earrings

With so many great CAC products to choose from -which one do you choose? Since I am so familiar with each of the designs available, I've decided to take the guess work out of making a selection! It is my hope each month to choose a piece to highlight, with as much detail as possible, including how the design came to be. This month's feature is......

Was $15.00
For a limited time save 20% and get yours for $12.00!

These 2-1/2" long stunning earrings were made using genuine Swarovski AB crystals, frosted accent beads, sterling silver chain and post earrings. They are just the right touch for the most formal of outfits or to simply add a touch of glamour to a casual look.

Winter is here -BBrrrr!! Why not warm up to the shimmer of Ice Crystals decorating your ears. These earrings were designed to mimic twinkling ice crystals, you know, the ones that form on your house as the snow melts and re-freezes. When light hits these earrings in just the right way, the shimmer it creates against the silver chain and crystals is what makes this design true to its name.

Wear them to work, go home and change your outfit for a night out and you never have to change your earrings! That is what is so fabulous about Ice Crystals -you can take them from day to evening and from season to season. They are truly a staple to have in any jewelry wardrobe.

But hurry, this special savings ends January 31, 2007

Just A Quick FYI

In case anyone was confused, I wanted to post an explanation about why someone can still purchase products under the old product webpages.

At the moment, the old product webpages are still sitting on the server. As a result, if you had saved a product page in the past as a favorite, when you select that link the old page will still come up. All the old "add to cart" features are also still in place.

This was mainly a safeguard in case there were problems with the new online store. The intent was to delete those pages this weekend barring no purchasing problems with the new online store.

Based on the fact that I have received some purchases from the old pages and also the new online store pages, I see it is working and will be deleting the old pages from the server this weekend.

Have no fear, if you save a particular page you can still go to the new online store and do a keyword search that will return to you the exact product you were looking for. I hope this has helped to clear up any confusion and as always, I am here should you have difficulties checking out in the new online store.

Happy Shopping

Did You Make That?

I get asked this ALOT. Being a jewelry designer, my friends and family are always curious if the pieces I'm wearing are ones I've made. My response? Yes and No.

There are times when I wear exclusively my own designs; there are times when I wear jewelry given to me as a gift; and still there are times when I'll mix both: my designs with jewelry purchased for me/by me.

Here's the logic: I'll buy something only if I feel or know I cannot find the component that makes the design so spectacular, to make it myself. Although, as a rule if I do buy a "fashion jewelry" piece from a store (which is really rare these days) I always make sure I have something from my Crystal Allure collection that I could wear with it. And without a doubt, if my husband buys me a jewelry gift (which is usually diamonds -because he knows how much I can't resist sparkle!!) I will most certainly wear those! So, yes, occasionally I'll still wear something that I did not design.

I don't find the question offensive, actually I find it quite natural for people to ask that question. Over the years though, my personal jewelry collection has drastically grown with my own designs and also anything my husband would purchase for me..making the number of "fashion jewelry" pieces less-and-less in my collection.

Even further complicating things would be the fact that I might have a fashion jewelry piece that I bought some years ago and I'll decide I don't like the design any longer and disassemble it to remake it with my own design ideas (this usually happens with pendants). So imagine the explanation I give when asked if I designed that piece! LOL

I thought I'd share my experiences since this question came back to mind last night as I filled my new jewelry armoire (that I received as a gift from my husband). My husband works with wood and had already made me a beautiful dresser sized armoire -however, with my love of jewelry and growing collecting of Crystal Allure originals -I ran out of space! So, I asked for a full size jewelry armoire for Christmas. As I filled it and organized the few remaining older fashion pieces that I had purchased from a store, I happened to think of this question that I've been asked frequently.

And I a designer, do you always wear exclusively your own designs? And how do you field the question when asked, 'did you make that?'