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Customer Service 101 --
I have always prided myself on providing good customer service and employing the best business practices, and this is exactly why:

Recently a woman emailed me to say she was not able to pull up my product pictures and was disappointed. My first reaction was that I was grateful she took the time to email me and bring this to my attention. In my response I explained that it might be a server "hiccup" and that she should try it again in a few hours. But if she was still unable to view them I'd certainly email her whatever I could.

I emailed her the following day to ask if she had any success in pulling up the pictures and she replied that she did and was appreciative that I had followed up with her. She told me she appreciated the good business practice and that she would be forwarding my website link to some friends. BTW -if you read this Conni, Thank You for emailing me in the first place and mostly certainly for sharing my website with your friends!

On another occasion a woman had placed an order and didn't realize until a few emails later that what she thought she would be getting was in fact, not what I would be shipping. She explained (and apologized) for the confusion and felt badly that she misread the website. My response to her was that it was not a problem, things happen and I sent her money back to her. She was grateful and also commented on my great business practices.

And so there you have it. Customer Service 101 -it should never follow the old adage "the customer is always right" rather it should be your clear understanding that if you provide a service you DO have to make your customers #1 and WANT to make them #1. I have been on both sides of the fence and I am very proud of how I conduct business.

Most retail stores cannot always provide this personalized service because they are so big. That is part of what I like so much about Crystal Allure. I am able to provide my customers and the public with jewelry they love AND I can tend to each and every customer who emails and/or places an order. These are my rewards!!

Just something to think about the next time your looking to make a purchase online. But one thing is for sure -if you shop with Crystal Allure Creations you WILL get the best service AND high quality jewelry!

Happy Shopping

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