After Show Recap

Although it is now almost two weeks past, I still wanted to recap my show as the featured vendor at the local Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics (OCD/J&J) company during their annual United Way campaign. Let me first say, it was a “breath of fresh air” to be a featured vendor. I was completely blown away by the internal promotion of the event and in particular the work put into the visual advertisements for my show date.

Someone took the time to create fantastic large signs that were posted on either side of the cafeteria. My ad was also featured as a split screen on two wall televisions, as well as, a full blown ad on a larger screen television. In addition, a company wide email was sent out indicating I would be there on this particular date. They had provided two great set-up locations to choose from on either side of the cafeteria, as well as, the tables and tablecloth. Everyone was extremely friendly and pleasant to talk with. At the later part of the day, one of the cafeteria employees even asked if I would like any water to drink.

But, by far (for me) the best part was the fact that I was the only vendor for that day/time. After having done so many other shows, where there are likely three or more jewelry vendors for every other artist -it can get quite frustrating. Especially when your product really is very different than the rest, but it just doesn’t stand out because every third booth or so is the same category. So I do feel for the shoppers as well.

I was thrilled to be able to talk about my jewelry, craft and specific design inspirations. I had some wonderful conversations and was very pleased to have met everyone that I did and appreciate their business and comments on my jewelry. In fact, I even learned something new -L.L. Bean has “bean dollars”! The system works much like other points systems, the more you buy the more “beans” you earn, valued in dollars. Too funny.

The show was to run from approximately 11:00 until 1:30, but I never got out of there until almost 3:45. I even offered to customers to feel free to browse through the items I had already begun packing up, I didn’t mind at all. I love it when someone finds just the right piece of jewelry to add to their collection. The great part is, even if they only purchased a pair of earrings, they likely could still get a coordinating necklace or bracelet -as long as the components are still available.

Many thanks to all the ladies AND gentleman who purchased an original piece of Crystal Allure Jewelry and thank you to Holly Korba for coordinating the event and including me this year. As well, a very special thank you to my husband for having brought my jewelry creations to the attention of Holly. I will be donating a portion of my sales to the United Way campaign and I very much look forward to participating next year.

Lesson Of The Day

If you have an online website and/or store, the best thing you can do for your business (and sanity!) is to BACK UP, BACK UP, BACK UP -at least monthly.

Regardless of any problems or issues you might have with your web hoster or their services, if you haven't backed up your site and something happens....and it is a run the risk of losing your entire site and even your product pages.

I know for most of us small business owners it can be tedious and difficult to wear the many hats that we do -but if you lose all the hard work you put into your online store -you have pretty much worked for nothing. And all us small business owners know how much time really goes into it all...more than most people would care to even think about.

Although this issue came up with my store today -work was being done by the web hoster...and I hadn't backed up recently -I have learned my lesson. The shear worry (and fear!) of possibly losing all my hard work just infuriated me, frustrated me and much more. As soon as the site went up, I quickly did a back up. I don't think the hosting company is done with their updates so I cannot tell if there was any data loss -but I'm really, really hoping there wasn't!

Although intuitively I knew to do back ups, I was so busy tweaking my store and wearing all the other hats that I do -that I just plain forgot. So, I have decided to set a monthly reminder in my online calendar to remind me monthly to back up my data. And I'm going to make a concerted effort to remember to back up my data when I do any major chunks of data changes.

Remember: Back up, Back Up, Back Up

Fall Jewelry in Tigers Eye Gemstone Black Crystal Necklace and Earrings

Tiger eye gemstone jewelry should be a staple in your fall jewelry wardrobe. Whether designed in handmade earrings or beaded necklaces the rich brown color and bold style are perfect complements to the changing color of the Autumn leaves.

Tigers eye gemstone, if used properly in a design, can make for a versatile, everyday piece of jewelry. With swirls of black and brown and a hint of gold peeking out, here and there, these tiger eye gemstone pieces will be your favorite pick each morning!
Tiger Eye Gemstone Crystal Beaded Choker Necklace (NB024)
Tiger Eye Gemstone Crystal Beaded Choker Necklace (NB024)
One of a Kind

Tiger Eye Gemstone Crystal Drop Earrings (E075)
Tiger Eye Gemstone Crystal Drop Earrings (E075)
One of a Kind

Don’t miss out on these fabulous one of a kind pieces! Find these wonderful Fall Jewelry pieces and more at Crystal Allure Creations!

October Show Cancellation

Sadly, I was notified the show to be held at the Lutheran Church of Our Saviour (LCOS) on October 13, 2007 has been cancelled due to a lack of vendors.

The good news is you will still have an opportunity to pick up your favorite Crystal Allure Creations at the Union Hill show scheduled for October 20th.