Lesson Of The Day

If you have an online website and/or store, the best thing you can do for your business (and sanity!) is to BACK UP, BACK UP, BACK UP -at least monthly.

Regardless of any problems or issues you might have with your web hoster or their services, if you haven't backed up your site and something happens....and it is a possibility...you run the risk of losing your entire site and even your product pages.

I know for most of us small business owners it can be tedious and difficult to wear the many hats that we do -but if you lose all the hard work you put into your online store -you have pretty much worked for nothing. And all us small business owners know how much time really goes into it all...more than most people would care to even think about.

Although this issue came up with my store today -work was being done by the web hoster...and I hadn't backed up recently -I have learned my lesson. The shear worry (and fear!) of possibly losing all my hard work just infuriated me, frustrated me and much more. As soon as the site went up, I quickly did a back up. I don't think the hosting company is done with their updates so I cannot tell if there was any data loss -but I'm really, really hoping there wasn't!

Although intuitively I knew to do back ups, I was so busy tweaking my store and wearing all the other hats that I do -that I just plain forgot. So, I have decided to set a monthly reminder in my online calendar to remind me monthly to back up my data. And I'm going to make a concerted effort to remember to back up my data when I do any major chunks of data changes.

Remember: Back up, Back Up, Back Up

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