Free Jewelry & Fashion Article Submission

I am happy to say my readers are requesting more information related to jewelry and fashion. To accommodate, this is a new section of my blog that will provide you with news worthy articles on jewelry and fashion.

Interested in submitting a free article? Here’s how it works:

Submit an article that is written to target women ages 30-50 on the topics of jewelry and/or fashion. The article must “flow” in its topic, be easy to read and free of grammatical errors. Please minimize emphasis of words and do not write in all capital letters.

If accepted, a summary of your article will appear in Crystal Allure Jewelry’s monthly newsletter and will contain a direct link back to our blog to allow the reader to read the entire article. As well, a link to your bio and/or website will also be available.

Please submit the following:

~Article Title (75 characters or less)

~Article Author (50 characters or less)

~Article Summary (300 characters or less)

~Full Article Text (200-1500 characters)

~Website Title (75 characters or less)

~Website URL

~Website Description (250 characters or less)

~Author Bio (200 characters or less)

If you have photographs/images (maximum 350×350) for your article, please provide either a photograph/image URL (such as Photobucket) or send them via email (after prior approval).

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