Good Business Philosophy

My philosophy has always been: If you want something done, and done right, do it yourself.

But as we all know, this can be quite a challenge especially if we are talking about business or if you don’t fully know how to do what you need done. You are only one person, yet to wait on other people is just irritating beyond words. Especially if you ask for something to be done and then you sit and wait…and wait…and wait….

These are what some people might deem the ”little” things. But it is exactly these “little” things that create frustration and “clutter” in your life and just drive you batty because the reality is, if you had done it -it would be done. Period. You could move on and wouldn’t have to keep going back to figure out what was or was not done, wasting more of your time. Or worse, have to make up months of lost time because you believed someone else was actually doing the job.

While I sit and wait for others to do what I have requested (and they are fully capable of and have the knowledge to do), my ability to progress and move forward is halted. There are a few things “cluttering” my life and business progression right now and I’m at the boiling point.

I realize everyone has to watch out for themselves, but what makes service vendors think that I can just sit and wait for them to do what I’ve asked? I have a business to run and obviously I can’t count on them to get the job done -because if I could, well, it would be done and I wouldn’t be saying what I am right now.

I expected this year to be the year of change and progression and that has not been the case. In fact, I feel like it’s year one of my business again…except now I’m waiting on other people. UGH. If you can’t do the scope of the job then don’t sign up for it. Period.

Case in point: One of the things that has led to this post is the fact that I enlisted an accountant (who willing signed up) to get my parts and inventories up to speed for proper year end tax recording. I had been entering transactions all along but just didn’t prepare for my inventory and tax time. So, I scrambled to do a physical count of all my components (let me tell you..that alone would drive any jewelry designer up the wall!) but I did it. I send my data and financial file to this person back in, oh, late March or so. Although I had been checking the status of the file all along it finally got to the point in late July where I just told this person to email my file back to me and I’ll have to finish it.

Problem 1: While this file was being worked on -I was still conducting business -what was I suppose to do? Stop my business until this person finished the file? So, not only do I need to catch up on still all the work this person said they’d get done -I now have four + months of new transacations and purchases to record. So…how am I better off for hiring a professional?

Problem 2: I have no clue how to enter these things in the financial file -cause if I did…well, I wouldn’t have hired a professional to do it for me. Why? Because (let’s all say this together now): If you want something done, and done right, do it yourself.

I could go on with the problems this has caused but it’s not worth my time. I have work that needs to be done and I can’t count on others to do it for me. So off to spend more money on accomplishing what should have been a fairly easy task. *sigh*

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