Disappointment and Disrespect

Today is the last day of the RMSC show. Although I should be getting ready, I just had to write about an event yesterday that left me (and my husband!) very disappointed.

In the early afternoon I had the pleasure of assisting a woman in a necklace selection. It was wonderful to be able to talk about all the components that went into the piece and the stones themselves. She was a fantastic customer and such a pleasure to work with. She was truly interested in the components and 'history' of the piece. In fact, I firmly believe for each piece there is the perfect person -this necklace was the perfect piece for this particular woman.

She made her purchase and I provided with her purchase my new decorative, brown and cream, bag with fabric handles. It is a very distinctive bag and one you would recognize.

Well, about an hour or more after her purchase she came back into my booth and told me a very disappointing story. She had visited another booth, had set her bag down....you know where this is going. I was crushed. I had a mix of emotions -I felt horrible that she no longer had her necklace -I felt anger towards the person who walked off with a purchase that wasn't theirs. My customer asked if I could re-make the necklace and I told her I'd look in my stock but would do my best and we'll work together. She asked that I call her sometime Monday as she hoped that the person who walked off with her bag might turn it in as lost or return it to my booth.

Sadly, I didn't have the same hope she did. This person who picked up (let's be real here -STOLE!!) her bag KNEW what she/he was doing. Trust me, there was no mistaking my bag and no one else at the show had the same bag. Yes, this person knew and knowingly stole the purchase of someone else. Even today, I am still angered by the sheer disrespect this person has for others.

Yet, I wanted to write about this so if you happened to read my blog and knew this person, saw this necklace, or received it as a gift (which would be extremely rude!!) -please know, this necklace was STOLEN and I would greatly appreciate you contacting me. As would my customer, who paid for the necklace.

The STOLEN necklace is the Green Moss Jasper Gemstone Beaded Necklace (N058)
Green Moss Jasper Gemstone Beaded Necklace (N058)

If you are the person who "picked" up the bag that contained this necklace, I am asking you to have a little respect and contact me so that I may return it to its' rightful owner.

Last Jewelry Show of 2008

Crystal Allure Designs will be showcasing beaded jewelry at our last show of the year today, tomorrow and Sunday. Come out on this beautiful snowy day and check out our whole collection and even more pieces from our Crystal Ice Collection (TM) at the 38th Annual Holiday Bazaar at the Rochester Museum and Science Center (Rochester, New York).

The show schedule is as follows:
Friday, November 21st: 5 - 9pm
Saturday, November 22nd: 9:30am - 5pm
Sunday, November 23rd: 11am - 4pm

Get a special discount on jewelry sets and you just have to check out our grab bags! I'll also have perfect stocking stuffer gifts for purchase as well.

It's time to get ready for the show...hope to see you there! If you can't make it to the show, you can always shop our online boutique CrystalAllure.com.

Just In Time For The Holidays...

The Gift Registry is back!

As the holiday shopping season begins, we all dread the question we must face for each person we are buying for -"What do I get for (fill in the blank)?" Hmmm...the stress.
Well, stress no more! I have found gift registries to be an amazing tool (and stress reliever!) when it comes to gift buying. While most of my gifts this year will be handmade, there are still some things that are just too personal a choice to know exactly what would be that special gift for that special person. That "thing" is jewelry. Purchasing jewelry is a very personal choice and one that reflects our style, as well as, our personality. You can NEVER go wrong with jewelry -but, should you get silver or gold metal? A simple chain pendant necklace or a chic beaded necklace?

Whether you are the gift receiver or the gift giver, the Crystal Allure Gift Registry can be your new best friend! Simply shop CrystalAllure.com until your hearts content, adding each piece to your gift registry and then provide your friends, family and loved ones your registry information and make their gift buying for you much easier and less stressful.

For each product, just look for the button:

Start your holiday shopping at CrystalAllure.com

Holiday Gift Guide 2008

I think it's safe to say we are now in the holiday mode (and if we're not...someone didn't tell the retail stores!). In fact, just this past weekend I spent some time creating some handmade gifts, although none of what I made included starting my blanket. Maybe I'll get to that over the Thanksgiving holiday (who am I kidding?! You know I'll be making more jewelry!).

There is one more Crystal Allure show before the holidays begin but if you can't make that show and need some gift ideas, there is a new section on the website now called "beaded gifts". Here I will post or highlight some of the bestsellers, great gift ideas and newer beaded gift creations (pssst...stay tuned, there are some *new* beaded gifts coming soon).

So avoid the crowds, stressed out shoppers, traffic and enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own home!

Shop Crystal Allure Beaded Gifts

What Metal Do You Prefer In Jewelry?

I'm taking a poll...

While thinking about my direction in 2009 with Crystal Allure I decided I'd like to know what metal YOU prefer in jewelry and beaded jewelry designs. I used to be a strong gold wearer, but over time I have found that I also now like sterling silver.

Of course, it goes without saying (for ME) that jewelry and beaded jewelry designs that I make have to be in a quality metal. I just can't see wasting good talent on a design only to attach a lesser quality metal. But, that's my opinion -what's yours??

On the right side of my jewelry blog, there is a small poll asking what metal you prefer, if you could just take a minute and enter your vote, I'd greatly appreciate it!! While here, give a shout out and leave a comment about other beaded jewelry preferences you have or would like to see in 2009.

Thank you in advance for participating!

Learn about Gold Metals used in Handmade Jewelry