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Update: This poll has been closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. Your feedback is very much appreciated!

It's a new year and that means new goals and taking a fresh look at the collections offered at Crystal Allure. That being said, I've posted a poll on the left, "What's Your Favorite Type of Jewelry?" to gather your opinions which will provide direction for Crystal Allure in the design process for 2009.

If you landed on the website or blog for Crystal Allure, it's likely because you were looking for something handmade, jewelry related or a beaded gift. As well, you likely found jewelry is a very competitive market YET -Crystal Allure jewelry stands out from the rest for its' quality, craftsmanship, colorful gemstones/beads used and its' uniqueness. Your participation will allow Crystal Allure to remain competitive and to be sure my creative vision incorporates the pieces YOU love most (that's where you come in).

It'll take literally seconds to make a quick selection as to your favorite piece of jewelry to wear. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Where Does The Time Go?!

It seems like the workweek just ended and here I am back at work again. Once again, I was able to get quite a few new beaded jewelry pieces designed over the weekend, but...went to get pictures of them and the battery needed to be re-charged. Figures. :-)

There are two new Valentine's bracelets (with coordinating earrings), a new cystic fibrosis awareness bracelet and least another 10 bracelets that have been done for a while now. Oh! And there are two new beaded necklaces you're going to love.

So, provided I can find some time tonight I'll get those pictures done and get some new jewelry posted. One of my 'goals' was to get every piece of jewelry and beaded gifts that I have posted on the website. I was really making progress and then takes over.

You'll also notice that my blog looks slightly different (or more that it looks, 'unfinished'!) and that's because I plan on tweaking the blog look and website this year as well, so pardon the dust as I try new looks/banners, etc.

Ah yes, and you are probably wondering about the blanket. Well -it took forever to figure out the stitch. But I finally got it!! Granted the first few rows, the ending of them is slightly incorrect, but you really can't tell and I'm just NOT going to take the row out again. :-)

I will try to remember to get a picture of my progress thusfar and give an update post. Just this past week I got out the January newsletter...yes, pretty late indeed...and for those VIP subscribers, they received a fantastic January offer. Now to start work on the February newsletter...I need a clone.

Blue Lapis Gemstone Snowflake Necklace Earrings

Today I received some great news. I checked my email and found a response to my jewelry submission to Beadage and my piece was accepted! The Blue Lapis Gemstone Crystal Filigree Snowflake Pendant Necklace (N069), below, was approved and added to the Beadage Gallery of designers! Yea!

Thanks Emma for including Crystal Allure Creations Jewelry in your gallery! Check it out
Blue Lapis Gemstone Crystal Filigree Snowflake Pendant Necklace (N069)
Blue Lapis Gemstone Crystal Filigree Snowflake Pendant Necklace (N069)

This one of a kind handmade beaded necklace was inspired by glistening falling snowflakes against the midnight blue winter sky. Design features a beautifully cut silver metal filigree snowflake pendant accented with blue lapis gemstone, sparkling Swarovski Crystals, Bali spacers and sterling silver. Length is 18".

Pick up the matching earrings for a complete set:
Blue Lapis Beaded Gemstone Earrings (E214)
Blue Lapis Beaded Gemstone Earrings (E214)

A petite pair of handmade beaded earrings feature deep blue lapis gemstones with black inclusions paired with black jet Swarovski Crystals, Bali spacers and sterling silver.

View All Handmade Winter Beaded Jewelry and/or Snowflake Jewelry.

Amethyst Freshwater Pearl Heart Charm Bracelet -and Chocolate!?

This may be a little late but -Happy New Year!!!

I know it may have seemed like I disappeared but I had taken some much needed time off during the last few weeks of 2008. Well...that's not entirely the truth either. I did design a few more beaded jewelry pieces, fulfilled orders, etc. Even though I have a back up of jewelry to get pictures of to post...I still created more! I've since posted some of these new pieces that you will find on the Crystal Allure Jewelry website.

Some of the new pieces include heart jewelry and beaded jewelry perfect for Valentine's day gift giving -such as these Freshwater Pearl Crystal Heart Charm Bracelets, available in either amethyst or light amethyst.
Freshwater Pearl Crystal Heart Charm Bracelets (B137, B138)
Freshwater Pearl Crystal Heart Charm Bracelets (B137, B138)
in Amethyst and Light Amethyst

Amethyst is SOLD

Amethyst Freshwater Pearl Crystal Heart Charm Beaded Bracelet (B137), shown on the left, is a handmade beaded bracelet featuring purple amethyst Swarovski Crystals beads and heart charm, purple freshwater pearls, .925 Bali spacers and a sterling silver heart toggle clasp. Measures 7-1/2".

Wear this heart bracelet alone or stack it with the light amethyst Purple Freshwater Pearl Crystal Heart Beaded Bracelet (B138) for a lovely feminine look!

There's also a few new Garnet gemstone pieces for you January birthstone ladies. And if you're looking for that after holiday deal -check out the sales -I just added more items to the sale list in the last few days.

Behind the Designs.....
(this would be the chocolate part of this post) *smiles*
We had a great Christmas and even better, we celebrated our 7th anniversary -which is just three days before Christmas. I loved our December wedding (and being a December bride!)...although a little snow would have been nice. Yup, most brides still choose summer weddings but not me. I wanted a winter wedding. The holiday season is extra special, magical and embracing. I also SNOW! But sadly, we never got a single snowflake on our special day! Although, on our 6th anniversary I purchased a custom made chocolate Snowflake Cake and it was delicious!
Custom Made Snowflake Cake for Winter Wedding AnniversaryThanks Dawn (my sister-in-law) for getting a picture of it and sending it to me! Ahhh..memories..