Article: Buy Handmade

Today I came across an article written by Kim Crow and just had to share. I certainly got a good chuckle after reading it! A very lighthearted article about her need to rein in her spending, being a self-professed necklace-a-holic and the realities of "I'm going to make my own jewelry".

I found myself, with eager anticipation, reading her accounts of a recent New York trip as if I were telling the story myself. It can be difficult sometimes to look at a retail price tag and not think for a moment, I can make that. But the reality is, unless you plan to make that endeavor into a business, in the end, it'll cost you more to purchase all the supplies you need not to mention the time it'll take to learn the technique(s), than if you just had purchased the item.

However, in support of my fellow artisans I will say, always, always, always look to buy handmade before retail! Support the many fantastic artisans that are out there today and really take a look at their craft -talk to them, learn what goes into their craft and you'll quickly find, quality meets price. More times than not, you'll get a one-of-a-kind as well.

Read the full article and leave your comments about it below. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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