Royal Blue Sapphire Pearl Jewelry Set (NES2)

Personally, I love jewelry sets. Be it a necklace-earring, bracelet-earring combo or not, you just can't go wrong with jewelry sets. Wear one piece or all the pieces. Jewelry sets are so versatile!

Princess Diana Inspired
We all loved her and were mesmerized by her beauty. Frequently photographed in her favorite piece of jewelry -a pearl necklace -this handmade beaded necklace was inspired by the stunning and regal Princess Diana of Wales.

A glamorous strand of white Swarovski Pearls accented with royal blue sapphire Swarovski Crystals and .925 sterling silver spacer beads. Finished with a royal blue faceted glass teardrop pendant. Sterling silver used throughout design. Handmade beaded necklace adjusts 15" to 17" with a sterling silver extender chain accented with a drop crystal.

The elegant handmade beaded earrings feature royal blue faceted glass teardrops wire-wrapped with white Swarovski Pearl accents on sterling silver french earwires. Earrings measure 1/4" from the bottom of the ear wire.
Princess Diana Inspired: Royal Blue Sapphire Crystal Pearl Beaded Necklace Set (NES2)
Princess Diana Inspired
Royal Blue Sapphire Crystal Pearl Beaded Necklace Set (NES2)
{Be beautiful ~ Be glamorous ~ Be Regal} wearing this pearl jewelry set inspired by the beautiful Princess Diana of Wales.

This lovely jewelry set would be the perfect complement to an elegant bride at her royal wedding set in the winter months!

Feature Friday: Buy the Necklace, Get the Earrings FREE!

Happy Friday!

I know I haven't kept up with Feature Fridays lately, but today I had a moment and I remembered!

Today's feature is the Crystal Y Chain Handmade Necklace featuring aquamarine and copper Swarovski austrian crystals which have been wire-wrapped to sterling silver chain to create this delicate, feminine necklace.

An added bonus to today's feature: not only can you get this necklace on sale, right now, BUT you will also get the coordinating earrings for FREE (today only).

Dare to Dream: Caribbean Sparkle -Jewelry Wardrobe Inspiration

Ahhh, the sun and surf. Come on, admit it. You dream of the Caribbean too. It's so easy....just close your eyes and picture yourself floating on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean in a small boat while the wind caresses your sun-kissed skin and the waves gently sway your boat back and forth.

But, back to reality. It might be easier to picture this scenario than it is to get there! So, to give you the luxury and beauty of the Caribbean without the travel costs, I created the Caribbean Crystal Sterling Pendant Necklace and Earrings for the Summer Beaded Jewelry Collection.

If you're stranded on a little boat in the Caribbean (or just want to get that life guards' attention!) let this little beauty of a necklace sparkle in the sun and you're sure to be rescued! Pair it with the gorgeous gem drop earrings for a matched set!
Caribbean Crystal Sterling Silver Chain Necklace (N073)
Caribbean Crystal Sterling Silver Chain Necklace (N073)

Take a Caribbean vacation without the travel costs! Beach inspired handmade beaded necklace features a delicate pendant comprised of ocean blue opal Caribbean Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver Bali, delicate sterling silver chain and center toggle clasp. The sterling silver chain reminded me of the ocean waves! Length is 17"; crystal drop 1".
Breathtaking Caribbean Blue Crystal Beaded Earrings (E222)
Breathtaking Caribbean Blue Crystal Beaded Earrings (E222)
A breathtaking pair of handmade beaded earrings plucked from the Caribbean ocean, just for you! Designed with mesmerizing Caribbean blue opal Swarovski Crystals stacked with .925 bright Bali accents and finished with sterling silver french hook ear wires. Length is 3/4" from the bottom of the ear wire.

Song for the day (don't let it get stuck in your head!): Itsy-bitsy, tiny-weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini....

A Review: 5 Years in Business!

I can't believe 5 years of jewelry designing have gone by already! Although, it is 5 years later, I'm still learning alot. My biggest hurdle -pictures. Ugh. They can be so daunting sometimes. What is fascinating is to see the quality of the pictures I've taken from the first year in business to now (of course a new camera helps!). Definately an improvement! Hmmm...just for fun, I think I might try and find some of those earlier pictures to post for your enjoyment (and laughs!).

There is so much about art and design that I love that it has also been difficult to stick to one "look" (for the website). I love change and trying different layouts and colors. But, after 5 years, it was time for a look that I could live with. Enters, Meredith with Spiffy Boutiques. By luck, I found one of her templates that really incorporated all the colors, elements and style that I felt worked for We now have a coordinated look throughout our website and blog. Thanks Meredith!

Design technique is another area that has improved, as it should. When I began in business my necklace designs were mainly crystal and chain; bracelets were for the most part beaded and earrings tended to be more chandelier and longer. Over time, my customers' preferences geared the designs towards more beaded, semi-precious gemstone necklaces and earrings have become more functionally shorter for the everyday workplace. And I love incorporating wire-wrapping whenever possible. I've enjoyed seeing the changes over the years and look forward to many more years.

Uniqueness -an absolute must and #1 rule for me. From day one, it has been my personal goal to create unique jewelry that women around the world will love. I remember a few years back exchanging an email with someone (very savvy, experienced person) and this person suggested I "stick to one 'look' and think about designing more 'lighter' looks". WHAT?! As you can imagine, I was for a loss of words. Stick to one 'look'? Are you crazy? How is that unique? And forgive me, but over the years I have failed to see how putting a pendant, no matter how big or small, on a chain constituted artful creativeness -granted, I have (very few) designs like this, but they are far and few between and I mainly only do them during summer months (as it can sometimes be too hot to wear fully beaded necklaces). Beaded jewelry is definately not for the wall flower -it can be bold at times but one thing you are always guaranteed is uniqueness!

From day one, my packaging has always mattered. I firmly believe in the small details and as a shopper/customer myself, I'd much more prefer to get a "pretty" package in the mail of what I've ordered. Personally, I've also more fully embraced the handmade life. I've always grown up around handmade goods (which is partly where my creativeness comes from) but time and knowledge has made me see even more the importance of handmade goods, over mass produced products. Whenever, where ever possible, I buy handmade! (Which makes me very proud to be designing beautiful handmade jewelry!)

The success of Crystal Allure is determined by my customers and I have spent many sleepness nights strategizing designs, and the perfect business model, for and geared towards my target market. I've created many things since I was a child, but Crystal Allure is my passion, my calling and it gives me great satisfaction when my customers are thrilled with their jewelry.

In celebration of my 5 years in business, all my VIP newsletter subscribers received a special email yesterday. If you'd like to receive that special offer, just contact me with your email and I'll add you to the newsletter list.

In closing, I'd like to sincerely thank all my wonderful customers for their support over the years -thank you, thank you. My designs are made just for you! I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me by email.

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