Stress Relief

It hasn't been the most fun week. Since the 1st of the month, I've been patiently waiting for a bead order to arrive that has just three particular beads I need to fulfill a custom order that has a deadline for Saturday 12:00 noon.

When I initially placed the order I emailed the supplier right away and told them it was an urgent order (the website also said it would ship to arrive in 2-3 days). By day five, I hadn't heard a word or received the order. So I emailed again. Only to never receive a response. Trying to give the benefit of the doubt, I waited until one full week after I placed the order -still didn't receive it. BUT, I received an order that I placed with another supplier on the same day. Again, I waited until the next day -no delivery.

By yesterday, I was peeved (to say the least). I called them, 100% peeved off, told them it was poor customer service that the website should say 2-3 days to ship, I emailed twice never heard back, never received an email that my order shipped (for for all I know it hasn't even left the warehouse yet) AND the link to "check your order status" on the website only shows the orders you have placed with shipping detail.

So, here I have a customer who NEEDS this bracelet for a presentation -I have no beads -I have no clue where the order is and no clue when to expect it. Needless to say, I did hear back from the owner, who called to say, he had left for the day so he can't give me a status of my order but wanted to be sure to call me because they do call their customers back. WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me? He proceeds to say he'll check on the order first thing tomorrow and get back to me by 11am.

He calls at 11:05am -leaves a message -please call me. Again -WHAT?! Just tell me where the heck my order is and when I can expect it. I have absolutely no interest in talking with this person -I only have one goal right now and as it stands this businesses' failure to provide good customer service and service in general has now cost my business more money for this custom order. ugh. What is wrong with people.

Anyhow, I haven't been happy with this supplier for some time now. The problem is I have a stock of beads from them that I have not been able to find anywhere else. Well yesterday, it lit a fire under my butt to search to the end of the internet until I find another supplier for this particular bead.

That led me to ask three different suppliers who appear to possibly have the same, if not similar, bead. For two of them, I've ordered from there before. I proceed to tell them I've ordered before, the story behind my request and ask for a sample of this bead to be shipped so I can compare and see if it is indeed the same one (that way, I can order from them and still be able to create designs using the remainder of my stock). What do you think they say? We're sorry we don't mail samples. WHAT?! Come on!! It's only one lil' ole bead -I'm a past customer -you can't send me a sample? So, tell me again why I'd want to order from you in the future?

Out of the three I asked for samples, only one immediately replied they would send one. That supplier was brand new to me...hmm...hopefully the bead will match because I will have also found a supplier with some great prices.

So, I sit here now fretting over whether the bead shipment will arrive tonight -which regardless, it's going to cost extra to ship overnight. Coupled with all the other crazy stuff of a beaded jewelry business, I decided it was time to zen. Just like my cat Mr. Dingles pictured above (I'll have to tell you about him in another post...especially how he got his name). :-)

Relax and Enjoy!


The Beading Gem said...

I too have found indifferent suppliers - I just never go back to the ones who give bad service.

I think they should make human sized chill-out baskets!

Stephanie said...

I just don't get why they would not make the effort for better customer service -something I strive for at Crystal Allure. It's a shame but I agree...won't be ordering from them ever again!

hahahaha -I love your idea for human sized chill-out baskets! Too funny!