BRrrrrr....Winter is HERE!

Our first official snowfall here in Rochester, NY was this past Wednesday, with a wind warning (and it sure was windy!). By Thursday, we were in our first winter storm watch with a high winds warning. I don't quite recall the temperature but I want to say it dropped in the beginning of the week from somewhere around 30 degrees to Thursday night, 19 degrees! (and that was the last time I looked at the temp)

The first picture is a view from my garage around 7:30 a.m. Thursday (yes, very gloomy looking at that hour!). But this is also the type of weather us Rochestarians live with until March (if we're lucky!)....cold, snowy, and gray. Although on the days it is sunny, the snow is just beautiful! Especially fresh, untouched snow. It's like a crystal landscape, made perfect by mother nature herself!

It has been a challenge and guessing game with how to handle our "new" dog (Lucy) in the snow. We have no idea what her life was like before and how she is/was in snow -heck, maybe she never had to go out in it? We just don't know. What we have discovered is that she does get cold and logically so -she's only 15-ish pounds with very little meat on her bones -especially her paws. Poor little thing comes in from the snow and shivers like a chihuahua for the next 20 minutes or more. We have gotten her in the habit of putting on a sweater and then a "coat", but paw protectors (aka, boots) -no way! She'll not have any of that!

But without doubt, when she's cold, she's cold and she's had enough. She'll let us know by adamantly pulling on the chain and going toward the door. Although, since the snow started, we had noticed she really hadn't gone well...poop, for lack of a better way to put it. Even last night, after getting cozy warm in bed, I noticed her behavior changed and I took the chance (froze my butt off) and took her outside. Sure enough, she had to do #1. Got back in bed...all was good. This morning she finally did #2 and we're happy she understands that she has to go outside -even in the snow. She's a great dog!

Although I told my husband that you just know the cats are laughing their butts off at her having to go outside. For them, she's still an intruder in the cat-dom. In fact, I honestly believe I saw one of them point at her last night and fall on their back laughing so hard, they cried. :-)

I must say, as a child I loved the beauty and magic of the winter season. Now that I'm older, I still love winter, I just see it differently. As an animal lover, I always worry about all the homeless animals and can only hope and pray they are safe, warm and have food and water. So, if you happen to see a stay animal, check to make sure it looks healthy, maybe give it some food and water, better still call your local animal shelter and tell them about it. And don't forget to donate to your local and/or favorite animal shelter/rescue this holidy season. Between the economy and the weather -they can certainly use any help you can give them for our furry best friends!

Note: At last check, 10am, the temperature has been stuck at 17 degrees. Where's my winter woolies!


Azure Accessories said...

LOL...we had a huge snow fall on Wednesday, and strong winds yesterday and today! It is -11 or in Fahrenheit it is 12...either way darn cold!!!

I used to love winter but now that I'm older I'll take the south any day...the cold and snow doesn't hold any interest for me anymore!


Stephanie said...

Wow! That is cold! I can't imagine a Christmas without snow, so for now I'm still holding on to the beauty of it. Cause I can't hold it in my hand...BRrrrr!