The Beauty of Spring -Freshwater Pearl Handmade Necklace

At the beginning of February I was invited to join the Artbeads Design Partner Blog Program. All I would have to do is blog about the bead products I receive. It was difficult to choose which products I wanted to try out and after a few days of pondering design ideas, I decided to go with some lovely Freshwater Pearls. Of course, I couldn't help but to also get some Swarovski Crystal accents to use in the design.

Freshwater Pearl Dragonfly Charm Lariat Necklace (N099)February was themed as The Beauty of Spring and I was given free reign to interpret this theme in my own creative way. No restrictions (love it!). So my interpretation included a sterling silver dragonfly charm I already had in stock. I chose three distinct freshwater pearl colors: olive, light blue and peacock with a light sapphire crystal for accent. I was especially interested in seeing the luster of the pearls as my idea to include a dragonfly charm in my design, represented to me that iridescent shimmer of the dragonfly.

Using these beautiful pearls and crystals, I wire wrapped them along with some sterling silver rings. The focal dragonfly charm is made even more beautiful as it slips through a hand wrought and hammered sterling silver teardrop loop for a lovely lariat style Handmade Freshwater Pearl Dragonfly Charm Lariat Necklace (N099).

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the products I received. I rarely work with freshwater pearls and the size, shape and luster were right on target for my delicate design.

Disclosure: As a Design Partner of, I periodically receive products, beads and/or components free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of the products...positive or negative. I have in no way been compensated by for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received and reviewed.


Stephanie said...

Here is what Duchess from Artbeads had to say about this design:

What a beautiful lariat style necklace you have created! I love the gorgeous mix of luscious freshwater pearls, silver links, rings and Swarovski crystals. The colors are very uplifting and Spring-like. Your lovely light use of beads in this piece brings the focus to the gorgeous Dragon Fly pendant. Very nice wire wrapping by the way, I am jealous!

Thank you Duchess!!!

Marissa said...

I am a new follower of your blog! I hope you will follow mine. That lariat style necklace is BEAUTIFUL!!

Marissa Undercofler

Stephanie said...

Hi Marissa! Thanks for stopping by my studio blog. I'll definately check yours out.