Hill Tribe Heart Leaf Pendant Beaded Necklace

Fourteen Days of Hearts and Love
Part 13 of 14

I've decided to showcase the newest heart necklace tomorrow, on Valentine's Day. But the Crystal Allure Jewelry collection is not without other heart jewelry! When I first started these blog posts I thought I wouldn't have enough heart jewelry, but silly ole' me, what was I thinking! And of course, a hand full of other jewelry was designed as I sat in my studio preparing each of these articles. In fact, I even found a necklace I had designed weeks ago, meant to get a picture of it and just happened to uncover it on my studio table as I was "cleaning". Where in my case, in my studio, "cleaning" means shuffling things from one corner to another. Yup, my studio is the only room that looks like a hurricane hit it. Based on the type of person I am, I certainly don't understand it but I just go with it. I have always been a firm believer (and my mother will confirm this) that everything has a place and every place has a thing for it. Organize, organize, organize. Yet, in my bead studio....that rule just doesn't seem to work. An empty table, for me, seems to stiffle my creativity. Strange I know. But, I just go with it (which is probably why you'll never likely see pictures of my studio). :-)

But, alas I digressed. Heart Jewelry. Got it. Back on track.

Green Grossular Garnet Gemstone Heart Leaf Necklace (N085)
On this thirteenth day of Hearts and Love, I wanted to highlight the Green Grossular Garnet Gemstone Heart Leaf Pendant Beaded Necklace (N085). Just as every element of nature comes together, so too did the elements of this necklace. The green garnet gemstone is simply beautiful, beyond words and complements perfectly with the wood beads for a truly nature inspired beaded necklace.

And as ironically as my confession above about a messy studio....well, I just spend a half-hour looking for the remaining green garnet gemstones to get a close up picture of them so that you could truly appreciate what I'm trying to convey in their beauty. But, as suspected I just can't find them. Note to self: clean table. (right).

The heart shaped leaf pendant was handmade by the Karen Hill Tribe in northern Thailand. Using techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation and a higher silver content allows them to easily shape their metal into very different styles. As a result, no two pieces are exactly alike. So even if I ever decided to make a similar style necklace, the heart leaf pendant will be uniquely different than the one shown here.

You simply can't go wrong with this beaded necklace because green and brown are the new "black" of the fashion world!

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