Open Heart Blue Bead and Beach Swirl Lampwork Charm Pulls

Fourteen Days of Hearts and Love
Part 7 of 14

Sometimes love is as simple and sweet as a heart fluttering beneath blue skies and sparkling stars. Or at least that is how being in love feels -right?! I tried to capture that feeling in the design of this bead zipper pull charm.
Blue Open Heart Starlight Bead Zipper Pull Charm (CPC006)
Blue Open Heart Starlight Bead Zipper Pull Charm (CPC006)
One of a Kind
Open your heart to this lovely heart charm pull. Design features a sterling silver open heart charm, faceted vibrant blue glass bead and stardust Pave' style sterling silver beads. Total length is 3-1/4".

Everyone has cell phones these days and what makes this little Valentine's Gift so fabulous is you can easily attach the bead charm to jeans, sneakers, MP3 players, iPods and even use as a purse charm!

Although this next zipper pull charm doesn't necessarily have anything to do with hearts and love, it was too beautiful not to share! It also complements the Teal Crystal Swirl Lampwork Beaded Earrings (EL248).
Blue Swirl Crystal Lampwork Bead Zipper Pull Charm (CPC014)
Blue Swirl Crystal Lampwork Bead Zipper Pull Charm (CPC014)

A zipper pull  or purse charm for the beach lover! Design features a blue swirled artisan Lampwork glass bead, blue zircon Swarovski Crystal and sterling silver. Total length is 3".


Grayquill said...

I think you have been talking with my wife. At least ya'll have the same tools.
One question: Can you spend an entire evening at a bead store? Its a little disturbing:)

Alex Damien said...

Very simple and yet beautiful. I tend to overdo it in my cell charms, making them hard to use. But yours is really lovely :)

The Beading Gem said...

Don't forget back packs too!

Lavanya said...

wonderful! Totally loved your blog and the jewelry pix in it..

Unknown said...

This is a stunning silver gift. My wife bought me a great silver gift for Christmas, I think sterling silver gifts are stunning and romantic, especially when bought with thought.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Grayquill. Yes, unfortunately, us beaders/artisans can easily spend hours in a bead store. Just as my husband!

Alex & Lavanya: Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments. I'm flattered you love my jewelry pics, Lavanya!

Pearl, that's a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion.