On July 16, 2010, the Wall Street Journal reported New Yorkers' obsession with cupcakes is a driver of the city's economy. The article by Sumathi Reddy referred to them as "little morsels of impossibly cute frosted sweetness" and called the latest rage for cupcakes, "buttercream economics".

Hmmm, well... cupcakes are delicious there's no lie there and no disputing it either (okay, maybe the pickle cupcake is going a little too far and I doubt it's very tasty!). And, cupcakes are in essence, little cakes with little prices. But, for me, it's about the design. Cupcakes are good, yes, that's the point of them but they are also an opportunity to showcase creativeness.

Okay, confession. I LOVE CUPCAKES. I love cupcakes about as much as I love Swarovski Crystals. In fact, on occasion you might find me searching the google images for these petite delicious cakes -the pictures alone are a treat. In preparing this blog post, I came across so many tasty looking cupcakes that I honestly think I was drooling and there were waayyy to many to share.

I'm a huge fan of Cake Boss on TLC and watch it whenever I can. I guess I watch it and dream of what could be my own bakery. Although I quickly snap out of it realizing, as I tell my husband, that I could never work in a bakery. I'm quite positive my doctor wouldn't want me to either -the sweets...oh the sweets!

The good news (for me anyway...sorry readers) is, just earlier this month I was delighted to hear a new cupcakery, Dollop Gourmet Cupcake Creations, opened up within driving distance for me. Interestingly, I even learned there are two other cupcakeries in my area (Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe and Dolce Cupcakery) that I never even knew existed (hmmm...might be time for some advertising?).

So what do you think -are cupcakes and cupcake cafes' a fad or not?

Cupcake Photo Source: unknown


Dawn Doucette said...

Stephanie, I too am a cupcake addict. I love little kid birthday parties because so many of them have cupcakes. I'm a kid at heart when it comes to adorable, sugary treats! :)

BTW, the photo you found looks supremely delicious! :)

Bon Appetite!

Karley Ziegler Mott said...

Heather's cupcakes are really, really awesome. We have been a fan since we tried our first Cupcake Dreamery cupcakes a few months back.

They really are, in my eyes, the best in Rochester.

SMBS is very good, although I find they are a bit too sweet. I have tried Dolce twice now. I would not personally choose to go there again for reasons I choose not to put in a blog comment.

You should also try Goodness Cakes on University Ave. Their mini cupcakes are divine.

Karley @ CHIC & GREEN

Stephanie said...

Do you think they have a 12-step program for cupcake-a-holics, Dawn? :-)

Hope the photo gives ya a dose of friday sweetness!

Thanks for stopping by Karley! And thanks much for the review of Heather's cupcakes. I'm definately going there, just have to find out her weekend hours. I think your comments really help, cause with so many cupcakes, there's so little time. And personally, I've love to cut right to the chase and taste the best!

I can't believe I missed another local cupcakery -thanks for the tip.

Karley Ziegler Mott said...

Thanks. She is open tonight and tomorrow 12-8 and Sunday 11-3 (I am 99% sure on that one).

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the hours Karley. I can't check it out this weekend but next...that I think I can work in. Mmmm...can't wait.

The Beading Gem said...

I love cupcakes especially chocolate ones. Cupcake cafes are just a brilliant idea for us cupcake lovers to indulge.

Katharine said...

I too love cupcakes! And no, I don't think they are a fad, although I do think that over time the number of "cupcake cafes" might stabilize - seems there are new ones popping up all of the time lately.

While I disagree with Karley that Cupcake Dreamery (now Dollop) cupcakes are the best, they are good - I have had them at several events. I personally prefer Dolce Cupcakery in Pittsford. SMBS has beautiful pictures and interesting flavors, but they are too overdone for my personal taste. But as Karley said in her blog series on cupcakes earlier this year, it is personal taste and preference - much like any other food item. So I hope you get a chance to try all of the local Rochester options so you can decide which satisfies your cupcake cravings the most. :)

PS I am pretty sure Karley managed to find all the options in her blog series, so that is a good starting point for your list.

Stephanie said...

I agree with you Pearl!

Thanks for stopping by Katharine, and for your cupcake review. Oh I fully intend on trying all the cupcakes available in Rochester!

Just need to pace myself. hehe

I'll be sure to post some reviews of them as well. And just last night I found some adorable cupcake items in a store (will post about them soon).

Katharine said...

Stephanie, I look forward to reading your reviews ... and yes, pacing yourself is a good idea ... I have sadly become a cupcake addict with this trend, and it is starting to show on the scale ... sigh! Happy tasting!

Miss Val's Creations said...

I was just watching a local tv show last night that had a feature on a cupcake boutique nearby. I was totally drooling. The owner admitted that she eats four a day to sample them! LOL

The Cake Boss is so entertaining and amazing! What they do is such an art!!!

I hope cupcake cafes are not a fad!