Creative Desserts: Berry Pudding Cake

For a recent invitiation we received to a friends' summer cookout, I decided to bring a dessert (since well, I love to make desserts). Most of the time, I try to find someone different and unique or at least something I haven't seen brought to other gatherings. I am a die-hard Betty Crocker fan but this time, I checked out Better Homes and Gardens online to search their recipes.

I came across their (notice how great their picture looks...) Berry Pudding Cake, loaded with various fruits (summer friendly) and light enough that it was actually heart healthy. Perfect. Go to the store, gather all the ingredients. I have a plan. Of course, as life would happen, "the plan", slightly changed the day I was to make them. Had all this running around to do and still had to get more of the individual tart dishes. sigh...

Rush home, start preparations. Cut up fruit, arrange in dishes (easy enough). Make the "cake" batter (hmm..didn't get fat-free milk..oh just use what I have). Fill the dishes and bake (cooking time is short -good). Out of the oven they emerge. Mmmmm..looks tasty...might be a little short on the berries....and probably should have made another batch of batter since the recipe served 6 and I needed 8 dishes. Lesson learned.

End result. They were a little "flat" because of the lack of berries and batter, but overall, pretty tasty and the perfect summer dessert! Will definately try these again.

Want to try them yourself? Here's the recipe link:

Island Treasures Wedding: Jewelry Inspiration Board

It should come as no surprise that I'm completely mesmerized by our new Island Treasures Summer Jewelry Collection featuring CrystallizedTM Swarovski Elements Starfish.

Although originally designed for everyday summer fashions, I quickly realized that all three crystal colors would also pair perfectly with a summer wedding. So I got to work building a jewelry inspiration board that would make any bride weep with joy.

Although I was a winter bride and loved my winter wedding (held just three days before Christmas). Just about a month before our wedding we took a trip to Sanibel Island. IF for some reason, my winter wedding was not doable, I definitely would have considered a beach wedding, right on Sanibel Island.

The pieces of jewelry shown above are the Blue Crystal Starfish Charm Floating Circles Bracelet (B178-IN) and MOP Shell Circles Blue Starfish Crystal Necklace (N100).

Bronze Starfish Sandals -Image by Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry CreationsThe layers of the wedding dress featured, by, reminded me of waves on the ocean, rolling towards the beach.

Ironically, just a few weeks ago, I purchased a pair of bronze jewel encrusted sandals from Dress Barn (love 'em!).

After wearing them I thought, 'gee...these would be perfect for a beach wedding' (in white of course!). So if you're having a beach wedding or destination wedding, why bother with the formality of a wedding shoe -wear a wedding sandal!

Featured in the set above are a pair of women's starfish beaded sandals by Cocobelle.

Summertime Fun Summer Design Partner Gallery

I'm a little late in announcing this, but I'm still super excited!! My Summertime Designs and photo were the featured album cover for Artbeads' Summertime Design Partners Gallery II on Facebook!! Thanks Artbeads!

At the time I clipped the picture to the right, there were only 69 beautiful designer pieces in the album. Now there are over 110+!! Some of the pieces carried over the spring theme of butterflies and flowers, with tons of techniques used from beaded jewelry, wire wrap to bead weaving. I loved looking over the colors used and the unique vision each designer produced. Even the photo interpretations were stunning. You simply have to check them for yourself!

Cubed Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Bracelet (B125-D2)

Crystal Allure presents a new line of beaded awareness bracelets added to the Awareness Jewelry Collection in support of Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF).
Learn why red and blue represent the awareness colors for Pulmonary Fibrosis | Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Creations
Crystal Cube Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Bracelet (B125-D2)
Crystal Cube Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Bracelet (B125-D2)

Back in 2006, I had been in communication with Jennifer Bulandr about creating a one-of-a-kind beaded awareness bracelet in support of pulmonary fibrosis. From out of the studio came a beautiful, sparkling red and blue Swarovski Crystal bracelet complete with awareness ribbon charm. It quickly sold out.

With all the changes going on here, it has been a banner year for Crystal Allure. To celebrate, I have re-introduced the original Pulmonary Fibrosis awareness bracelet only this time the design reflects a more feminine flair for a look that is both beautiful and chic!

As with all our awareness bracelet designs, we incorporate the colors of the cause -NOT the colors of the charity that represents/supports the cause. This is a key feature of our designs -your purchase supports the cause. And Crystal Allure will donate a portion of the net proceeds to programs that support pulmonary fibrosis research and awareness.

Why not also pick up the matching crystal earrings for a perfect set.
Crystal Cube Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Earrings (E125-D2)
Crystal Cube Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Earrings (E125-D2)
The matching handcrafted beaded awareness earrings feature gorgeous red and blue Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver Bali and are finished with a sterling silver ear wires. Length is 1/2" from the bottom of the ear wire.

Combining both red and blue colors, symbolizing the oxygenated and unoxygenated blood going to the lungs, is a signature of our Pulmonary Fibrosis designer awareness earrings. Why red and blue?

Read about why red and blue symbolize pulmonary fibrosis.

Floating Ribbon Transplant Awareness Bracelet (B177)

This is a brand new sparkling Swarovski Crystal Floating Ribbon Organ Transplant Awareness Bracelet (B177) and is a one-of-a-kind.
Floating Ribbon Transplant Awareness Bracelet (B177)
Floating Ribbon Transplant Awareness Bracelet (B177)

This unique organ transplant awareness bracelet features a centered emerald green Swarovski Crystal flanked by sterling silver awareness ribbon block beads and accented in a beaded style of sterling silver, crystals, pearls and silver floating twisted rings. Finished with a sterling silver butterfly charm and our signature jewelry tag.

This may sound silly, since I am the designer, but I am always amazed at how beautiful the transplant awareness bracelets are. No matter what mix of crystals, beads, gemstones or sterling silver I use, the result is always a chic bracelet I'd be proud to wear. And the fact that it raises awareness of an important cause makes it all the more beautiful!

I have a few more organ transplant awareness bracelet styles to get pictured and posted and just last night (before falling asleep) I came up with another fabulous design that, I promise, will make the perfect holiday gift! (yes...I know, it's August...what am I thinking about the holidays's just a thing I do. *smiles*)