My Sweet Little 'Baby Girl'

Awwww! She looks terrified! Well, in reality, she is -poor lil' thing. This is one of the rare pictures of our little Lucy. A rescue from Rochester Animal Services.

In case you haven't figured it out. She HATES (yes...a strong word...but trust me..) her picture being taken. We obviously don't know why so we try not to stress her out. I wish she didn't mind because she has such a cute face and expressive eyes.

Two weekends ago we had a gathering and as always, she stuck to me like glue. She couldn't get close enough to me and literally was on top of my leg whenever I moved around. I don't mind though and love her as much as she loves me. A friend of mine snapped this picture of her and it must have been when she was getting tired of trying to hide from all the pictures being taken; the people walking around and louder than normal noise of our guests.

I feel sad we upset her but at the same time, glad we have some pictures of her. We have one good picture of her in the grass (she clearly didn't hear the camera!) and now this one which is "fair". Unless you count the ones where she's not even looking and doesn't know because she's peeing or doing her duty (I'll spare you the graphics and just show her on one of her daily walks).

Needless to say, after the picture above, it didn't take long for me to know she just needed her quite space. So I put her upstairs and baby-gated her into
ourher bedroom.

And, yeaaah, the flooring. Nine years and counting. Another project yet to be completed. Someday. Someday. Well, the theory is when the kitchen is remodeled the flooring will be replaced. OH, I know...

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Azure Accessories said...

What a sweet heart Lucy is Stephanie!!!

Some dogs/cats just aren't good around conditions different from their norm...our cat is often like that...sometimes she runs when someone she doesn't know comes in...yet other times she is right there waiting to be fawned over???

Hope all is well with you...